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  1. Issue resolved, guess it was just to many people trying to get the new version.
  2. Hi, recently I saw there was a new SAM. It installed version 2.0.6. When I started up X-Plane 11.41 it was crashing before the aircraft was finished loading. From the error log, it looked like it was crashing because of sam.xpl. This is the message I was getting : Crash probably caused by "E:\Games\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\SAM\win_x64\SAM.xpl I also noticed that this crash was only happening at airports that SAM was setup at. If I got to an airport with no SAM XP loaded fine. So I checked SAM2 Suite again and saw that the latest version was 2.0.5 and not 2.0.6. I completely remo
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