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  1. Now it works! I think I needed to restart windows after font installation. Thanks a lot.
  2. HeyJoshua, first thank you very much for your work. After enjoing your FBW I wanted to install also your fonts for the glass screens. Unfortunately it was not possible. The font is existing after install in windows/fonts. When I open for example ND.xml I find the font "glass gauge" inside the code. But when i load AirbusX nearly all text in ND is missing. I operate Win7 64bit, German version. All installs were made as administrator. Maybe you can give me a hint what to do. By the way, somebody asked you to stop the engines accelerating to full thrust during startup. I found out that th
  3. I tried to land two times from different directions. The first time: ctd on long final, the second time the left main gear went into the runway at 200ft/min touchdown. Never experienced that before. I read of an Version 1.01 but its not available in the support section. I have the boxed version, Win 7, Accel. p.. Both flights with airbus x. Please help me to solve the problem.
  4. look here: http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=37982
  5. I think I found out what causes the cabin freezing. When I hit Strg+E for automatic engine start my passengers have some minus degrees during flight. When I start the engines manually the cabin tempretaure is perfect. Maybe that can be a hint for the developpers to get rid of that bug. By the way the engine start through Strg+E is not making them accelerating to full speed during start up. So crazy startup procedure or freezing passengers, what to choose?
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