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  1. Dynamics isn't all by positional audio. Dynamics is inclusive with insulation simulation, with distance factor, sound filtering, frequency gammas and sound compression. As an amateur music producer myself, and as a singer I do realize that dynamics in a ..well, dynamic environment such a simulation or everything where your sound has not to be static, is difficult. But what's wrong is that in every plane you get the feeling of wearing ear protections, or you feel the difference with a closed door, are wether you're or not running one or two engines. So yeah it's hard as we all know, but that was took in account by (almost) any other plane maker out there, wasn't it?
  2. Glad to hear what's going on behind the curtains. The issue I had wasn't much for the plane issue, but for the way the customer's opinion has been handled by some people. I'm glad who's in charge got it finally, but that was some hell of an answer, and it's a kind of answers I'm seeing more and more over many games, sims and third parties. Fact is, this is not freeware, and any word is advertisement This said, I'm glad the thing got all sorted. One side notice. The issue is not "the sound itself", at least not to my ears since it is pleasently similar, just some slight difference but, who cares? What's wrong is the lack of dynamics, but well it has been discussed a lot so, it's just nice to know it's being worked on
  3. So, you've got told by a lot of users that the sounds of this plane...just suck. It's an awesome plane, with an issue. Issue happens, issue are normal and Aerosoft isn't ran by gods so they can make mistakes too. But hell, this answer!! So, paying customers are put aside and not listened, and instead YouTubers who mainly don't even pay for their TWotter since it's given out free for reviewing purposes (I worked 4 years in a videogames webzine, I know what I am talking about ) are considered are the main comparison term for a product? This is not the way I expect a company to be, this denial of facts brought up by a lot of people is not troubleshooting or helping, and not admitting that "it could have been done better" doesn't make an imperfect product perfect. So yeah, TWotter sounds, just sucks. Get over it, and start not treating customers as useless crap and YouTubers like the only term for comparing reality of things in your products. Thank you.
  4. Woops! My bad! I was on mobile and posted in the wrong section! Could you please move it to the appropriate spot, and excuse me for my mistake?
  5. As an addendum: Image 1 produces an error in RANDOM taxiway points Both image 2 and 3 are possible solutions. Just choose based on the needs
  6. Hello everyone. I was picking up some random posts in the forums and I ended up reading this somewhere in the announcements: I had this issue myself when updating my airports and the solution is simple even tho the output error is misleading. MSFS basically wants the taxi "graph" as a closed circuit, With no dead ends but what ends in a parking/gate/ramp/fuel/whatever. What's misleading is the error itself since it shows in red RANDOM taxi points. That's because the sim just doesn't know what should be connected to what exactly. Any point could be connected to any other. The only workaround so far is to: -connect isolated taxis to the main ones -if one taxi path is for pure aesthetics, set it to "road" in its properties This applies to old airports which works if compiled too, even tho the issue doesn't trigger right after in my cases. Had various projects loading the errors just after a few edits and after compiling, preventing me to save anything. Long story short, do not mind what's red in the airport browser. Just look for unconnected areas / dead ends / open taxi loops and connect them so they are as expected! Hope this helps. Chris
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