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  1. Not urgent or an issue. I think cockpit window sun shades would be a nice addition. Thanks, Kris
  2. Same issue strikes again with Flightsim.com
  3. I did. Complete reinstall from Flightsim.com Same installer error. Exactly the same.
  4. Update button greyedc out. Bought the bundle through flightsim.com Kris
  5. Thanks I didn't really consider this a support issue... More a concept procedure issue. I know MSFS ATC isn't great, however I'm not ready for prime time (Vatsim or other "live" ATC). The biggest issues are flight level instructions vs. the FMC especially on approach.
  6. I have been loading SinBrief flight plans into both MSFS and the CRJ FMC. One so that MSFS ATC will have some idea what I'm doing and will let me file as IFR. Two so the FMC knows what I'm doing. Is this ok? I've noticed issues on approach and was wondering if there is a conflict caused by loading the flight plan into the sim and the FMC. Thanks.
  7. MSFS des not install App Workes fine for FSX but does not install for MSFS 2020 I have submitted a ticket but have not received a response. Please help.
  8. I'm having trouble with the light switches. I can map them to control the lights but the switches in the sim do not move when switched on the Alpha. Any suggestions?
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