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  1. I.m back again, I have gone back to trying the Dimona again but I am going to have to give up. I fly the aircraft for 20mins approx then the engine gives out. I have activated `flying tips' and it says `your engine is loosing power because your mixture is not leaned correctly'! and no I do not have auto mixture ticked. The aircraft has a full tank, volts are okay, all the fuses are in but I never get a green light on the Auto, the choke is in so what can it be? Any help would be appreciated as I do love this aircraft. NeilB
  2. I must say I have tried and tried with the Dimona, I love it to fly but it keeps cutting out everytime I fly it no matter what I do. I have found out why though but apart from flying another aircraft I don't know how to fix it. The mixture keeps weakening itself unti eventually the aircraft cuts out. The only way I can fix it is to swap aircraft to one with a mixture control push it and change back it will then run for a few more minutes until it cuts out again. What am I doing wrong? NeilB
  3. Is it not possible to simply swap the position of the Voltmeter with that of the Cylinder temp gauge? Excellent aircraft by the way. NeilB
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