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  1. Hi there, I'd love to see REX (Regional Express) added. This is an airline that flys in Australia with 737's and S340's. Right now with live traffic, I suspect REX is showing up with some strange liveries because it is not included yet. Here's how it looks: Thanks!
  2. Firstly thanks for making Simple Traffic, I've just started using it and it's excellent - a huge improvement to the sim. For my first flight I set things up as recommended, turning off live traffic and setting offline traffic to 30%. The airports I tried looked pretty good. But I kind of missed the coolness of live traffic a bit, so I tried that. It seems to work ok, but then when you first load up an airport it can look pretty empty when set to live traffic. I know the settings advise against this, but how about if I set ground aircraft to more than zero, say 10% and leave Live traffic on? Maybe then I get some planes at the terminal and also live traffic? Will it still be the correct aircraft for that airport like in offline mode, or totally random liveries? If I could have the right airlines on the ground, plus live traffic it would be perfect. Thanks!
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