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  1. Congratulations @CB2! Well done, and great diary. See you on the next adventure. 🎉🏆🥇
  2. 🤣 Face it, it will never be fast enough. lol
  3. Think big - maybe a Concorde or something...
  4. Loved the ending! Great journal and congratulations on finishing on time (barely!).
  5. Would love to do Earhart's route! Great job on your journal and photos and congratulations on finishing! Cheers
  6. Congratulations on completing the journey! It was great flying with you. Hope to see you next time. Cheers...
  7. Congratulations and very well done! I really enjoyed your story, Mr. Fix's involvement, and your selection of aircraft. Cheers...
  8. Yes, much closer to Fogg's era but with some modern conveniences. Cheers...
  9. Congratulations on completing the journey! Enjoyed your flight log and photos. That was a brave choice of airplanes, as I glided past in my A320neo, haha.
  10. Congratulations on completing the journey! Thoroughly enjoyed your posts and narrative of the adventure. Great job with this. Hopefully, we'll all do this again soon. Cheers...and safe flying...
  11. Ahhhh, it is a special taste, rum. My stomach can't handle rum for some reason, so I admire those who can enjoy it. Cheers!
  12. As to the beers, I suggest following the longitude of the Around the World Trip working from London eastward, following the longitudinal path of Phileas Fogg. Yes, until next time...
  13. I was supposed to be home on the 25th for a competency hearing in Los Angeles, however, I blew that off and decided to stay and greet the stragglers (and there have been a few!). Almost everyone is gone and as I am walking through, I don't see any feet sticking out from under the tables, especially after @Heinz Flichtbeil left. I suppose I am lingering too long and should head home to face the music. Alas, Aerosoft ( @Mathijs Kok) said they were shutting the doors tomorrow. It will be a sad day. I will miss everyone, yourself included...
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