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  1. 51 minutes ago, Simple Traffic said:

    Hi Stelios


    Simple Traffic includes offline AI traffic files based on real-world airline activity levels. In our files, each AI fllightplan is randomly assigned a Density Value between 1 and 100. When you set the Density Level in the sim, then the sim will only load Simple Traffic flights with a Density Value equal to or lower than that Density Level setting.


    This affects the frequency of arriving and departing AI flights, but does not necessarily correspond directly to the percentage of airport gates populated with sleeping aircraft. The logic used to populate the gates is internally controlled by the sim, and the sim will still continue to populate the gates with upcoming departures within your Density Level setting.


    So if you reduce the Density setting, whilst you will see less frequent arrivals and departures, you will still see a large number of sleeping aircraft at the gate. This is not something that Simple Traffic has any influence over.


    100% corresponds to real world activity levels, which is more than the sim can currently handle. We recommend a current setting of around 30% in most areas, but you may need to reduce it further in particularly busy areas.


    And as RogePete says above, if you have set your Ground Aircraft Density then that will populate static aircraft at the gates independently of your AI Traffic Density setting.

    Than you for your explanation. i will set it to 20 I think.

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  2. Hi

    Although I read the manual I still can not understand why when I have the Traffic density set at 15, I still get the same amount of planes parked at the airports  as when I have it set at 40? I have the setting AI OFFLINE

    It must be a way to adjust this.


  3. 19 hours ago, fenflame said:

    With the traffic density set at 2% and all the settings as defined in the manual in offline mode. I have every gate full and literally 20+ planes circling the field like some sort of airshow. Some are even two planes morphed together as one. Amusing for sure, but not exactly what I was expecting.
    Yes I have read the manual and yes I have read the FAQ and I have no traffic related addons at all in the community folder.
    It seems at 0% we get no traffic and anything above that just spawns like crazy.

    The same with me. It makes no difference whether I have it at 2% or 35%

  4. OK I will do what I also found out is when I change the setting of AI AIRCRAFT TRAFFIC DENSITY from say 40 to 10 it doesnt make any difference to the amount of aircraft shown at the airports.


    P.S. I did read the manual and it doesnt say anything about the setting it says that you can have it either AI ONLINE or AI OFFLINE

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