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  1. Awesome, thank you for the detailed answer and insights, much appreciated! Dirk
  2. Hi, Probably a question for Mathijs or the developers: As far as I understand Simple Traffic includes 1400 traffic routes for Offline AI traffic. I'm curious how the stock MSFS AI traffic routes are affected by this - does Simple Traffic replace the stock routes, or does it add new routes to the existing ones? The reason I ask - as far as I understand the stock AI offline traffic is defined by the trafficAircraft.bgl in Official\OneStore\fs-base-ai-traffic\scenery\world\traffic, right? I know that AIG is specifically renaming this file to make sure stock AI traffic is not loaded to begin with, but it doesn't look like the Simple Traffic install does anything similar, the original file is still in place. So does that mean that the routes included in Simple Traffic will be loaded in addition to the existing routes, or does it disable the standard routes by a different way? Thanks! Dirk
  3. Ok so I'm confused now - I thought ST also adds AI flight plans... The product info states Over 1400 traffic routes for airports included (more added with every update) So just hypothetically, if 100 new routes for EGLL would be included, this would certainly affect the number of aircraft that appear in AI offline mode? In any case, I'll do the exact same test later tonight with standard MSFS offline AI traffic and see how it compares to the amount ST generates...
  4. I'm having similar issues. Started a flight at EGLL tonight, and the sheer traffic volume even at density setting 20 brought my FPS down to 10 FPS, pretty much unusable. Aircraft were also spawning in nearby airports like a bee's nest. Here's what it looked like:
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