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  1. Hi Folks: Just tried them again, must have been me because it seems good now. Thanks for the response. - Roger
  2. Hi Don: The original 330 release contained the livery manager for the 318/19. Aerosoft stated that this was done as the 330's is not finished, and the 318/19 was included as a type of placeholder until it was ready. So, manual installation of liveries until it is ready. I noticed the dates on my files were all identical for all three versions even after the updater crashed on the 320/21 installation, so the updater did seem to work. - Roger
  3. Hi Folks. The switches on the overhead panel for the reading light operate backwards. The lights are on when the switches are off and vice versa. Roger
  4. I am happy to report that after this last update, I do have reverse thrust. Thanks folks, this really is a nice aircraft. - Roger
  5. I have the same issue with the 320\321. The 318\19 and the 330 worked but the 320/21 crashed the updater. Further to above: After investigating my files it looks like they were indeed updated even though the updater crashed. - Roger
  6. Hi Folks: So with some further testing, here is what I noticed. After startup prior to taxi, reverse thrust works. checked it again prior to line up and wait, still working. Short hop CYYZ to KJFK, upon landing. no reverse thrust. - Roger
  7. Tibor: I am using the same setup as you with the Saitek Throttles, and I also have the same problem. Mine do work with the current 319/320 versions, but no luck with the 330 yet. I have never tried them in external view, strictly from VC with view system off. - Roger
  8. I have the same issue. No reverse thrust on the 330. However, it works fine on the 320, and every other addon I have. Sent through FSUIPC from buttons on Saitek Throttles. - Roger
  9. SAR71: I hope I'm not saying something out of place here, but to a great deal, they already are. If you compare the texture files, there are similarities. You will note that four files have the same name, with the exception that the old files have a letter C at the end, and the CRJPRO has a letter A. Copy those four old C files to a new folder. Change the A to a C in name of the four files you just copied. Next, copy the CRPROF_VC_MAINPNL_A.dds and the texture config from any CRJPRO texture folder and paste them in that new folder as well. If you want to have the registration number show up correctly in the VC, you will need to edit that file. That can be done using DXTBmp, and MS Paint. Add a section to aircraft config and you should be good to go. Oh yes, ensure you have permission before altering others files. Seasons Greetings, Roger
  10. Thanks Shaun: Sorry for the delay in returning your message, I was working backshifts. With some fantastic from Jakob in your support group who actually contacted me first, I was able to get and install the update. YOU GUYS ARE THE GREATEST! With support like this, I will return here to purchase many more add ons. - Roger
  11. Hello Folks: On the advice of Bjorn, I am re-posting this here: Based on very positive reviews, I purchased the A300 from the Avsim Store in November (I have my receipts). It has been my favorite airliner since. As you can imagine, I was eagerly awaiting SP2. In the message introducing SP2, Bjorn mentioned to "check their website for download details". I cannot find any such details at the Avsim Store, and over 36 hours ago, e-mailed them for advice. I have yet to hear from them. Can you be of any help in this matter? Thanks for your great airplane and any advice you can get for me , - Roger Neves
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