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  1. Thanks Mathijs, sounds great. Looking forward to this one, all those rigs are going to make the North Sea a lot more interesting.
  2. The way you tell if a ship is moving or not in the sim is the presence of a wake behind it, not its speed. The Seafront Simulations vessels have wakes and so do the Global AI Ship Traffic models. Static is OK but its going to look odd if these are static out at sea. Static are best limited to either support roles around rigs (they sit around statically anyway) or at or outside ports in my opinion. Turbine blades should be out of sync otherwise they look unrealistic and it is possible by having a random starting point for each turbine. This is what Mamu82 did with his default turbine replacement mod which some of us have used to replace the Asobo versions around the UK. If your project overrides those default farms and has synchronised blades its going to be a step backwards, not an improvement. So if you cannot give us farms with turbines that are out of sync, I think an option not to override the default sim version that Mamus mod replaces will be important.
  3. cbc


    I often watch aircraft arriving and departing at an airport after I finish a flight and I know other people do too. Its virtual plane spotting. Watching a well designed airport working in a flight simulator can be quite entertaining Mathijs. BenBaron. I understand. I think you will find though that some will struggle with the menu system versus a system that triggers on approach, for arrivals. Thanks for replying though guys. We may have differing opinions on VDGS but the airport is still a work of art.
  4. cbc


    Ok thanks. For me that seems rather limited in terms of realism, I like to see a VDGS system working with all aircraft including approaching AI so I hope you can find a way to include that function at some stage. AI brings an airport to life after all.
  5. Does the VDGS system work with approaching AI such as simple traffic or AIG models or is it restricted to the user aircraft only and requires activation using the app menus?
  6. cbc

    ENVA Trondheim MSFS

    Not sure they are working, not with AI at least. The VDGS work well though.
  7. This is really poor for support, no response whatsoever. I wont make the mistake of buying any more Aerosoft titles.
  8. Hello. I have carefully followed the instructions posted below but I cannot get the airport EGLL to load properly. XP complains about a missing file and none of the buildings show up at the airport. I have the scenery in the following order at the top of my scenery packs ini file:- SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/_DefaultStreets_London-Heathrow/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Aerosoft-EGLL-Airport-London-Heathrow/ SCENERY_PACK_DISABLED Custom Scenery/Aerosoft - EGLL Heathrow/ I am not using the static aircraft but I would like to get the safedocks working. I attach the log.txt file for your attention. I renamed the two +51.001.dsf and +51.001.safedock files as required but it just doesnt work. Log.txt
  9. I would like to see a version of the Mega Airport London Heathrow for MSFS. Its not as though the version Asobo have produced is pay ware accurate, the jetways are just MSFS standard version not really accurate at all.
  10. Yes but to be fair the complexity and size of Gatwick is lower than Heathrow where I am getting good performance so there is more to this than scene complexity. My feeling is that something is not quite right with either the freeware or payware versions of this airport. And also the fact that the frame rate is low when starting a flight with AI enabled but goes up significantly if I switch to live traffic then back to ai also shows there is some sort of, as yet unidentified problem that scene complexity does not account for. I am not blaming ST, I think as I said, its the sceneries.
  11. I get a problem with the frame rate when using ai traffic as opposed to live traffic at Gatwick (free version from mkvy) but the AIG system doesnt work properly at that airport either suggesting there is an issue with the mkvy version. With the Origami version I find that the frame rate is quite poor loading a flight with ai traffic but if I switch to live traffic its ok. When switching back to AI traffic the frame rate was then ok too. Not sure how this would affect flying to the airport though.
  12. Just tried the update, seems to be working well on my system. We just need Asobo to sort out the ludicrous behaviour of the models now, pirouetting aircraft at a hold short line being an obvious issue.
  13. Interesting read. Nothing surprises me with this simulator to be honest including unexpected issues. I spent several months working on something that transformed The Lake District in the UK, it looked amazing. Asobo did an update and broke it unfortunately and I just lost interest in doing anything after that so I have a great deal of admiration for people who do add ons of any kind for the sim.
  14. Reading the threads I think its probable we need to see the next sim update as part of the fix.
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