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  1. Version 1.0.1


    This profile have the panel light enabled, also most of the FCU functions are mapped This configuration is a bit different from others, as the FCU buttons are not mapped as close as they are labeled by default, and also I tried to be able to have most of the functionality in the Beta quadrant to not depend that much on the mouse while flying. FF_A320_Profile_Description.pdf Button_Overlays.pdf Button_Overlays_light.pdf Version 1.0.1 is just the json file you will need to add to the publish.txt the following two datarefs
  2. @highflyer525 Thanks for your profile it saved me a lot of time! is there a chance you can share the original for the PDFs? I'm doing the profile for FF A320 for X-Plane with leds and buttons and would love to share it but using your PDFs too, as I found them really useful, they should be standard with all profiles!
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