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  1. Hello On which plane ? Are you using a profile? If yes, check that there is no double configuration, one in X-plane and one by the profile.
  2. Hello You should tell us more. Is it installed in the right place? Did you try to deactivate the other plugins to launch only the Honeycomb plugin ? Are you under Linux ?
  3. Hello I don't have this Airbus kit but after watching videos on the net, it seems to me that the reverse controls of the Airbus kit are only physical blocks and don't have any switches associated to these reverse controls. Is this correct ? If so there can be two choices: - either configure the max reverses for the axes used. - or, if you want to control the power of the reverse, use the "reverse toggle" commands 1 and 2, use the throttles and then go back to deactivate the reverse. I personally stay with the standard throttles for which I made a profile that uses the reverse controls according to their positions. Good flights Hervé Translated with DeepL
  4. hello I propose a profile where the HDG, ALT, IAS LEDs light up in MANAGED mode selected and locked. it could give you ideas Hervé
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Hello A profile for the SAAB340A Take Command sold by X-Aviation All info in the pdf. Good flights
  6. Salut You have to choose "Custom Name" at the beginning of the menu, then enter INT:variable name,variable type.
  7. Hello Yes it works without this condition. However the program knows how to write arrays
  8. Hello We have the choice between AND and OR I tried, for the ALT led to light up, that three conditions are met by using the AND condition. Without success, here is the coding { "ByteIndex": 1, "BitIndex": 4, "ConditionLogic": "AND", "Conditions": [ { "Condition": "B742/AP_mode_panel/AP_1:1", "ConditionValue": "1", "ConditionIsCustom": true }, { "Condition": "B742/AP_panel/altitude_mode_sw", "ConditionValue": "-1", "ConditionIsCustom": true }, { "Condition": "B742/AP_panel/AP_pitch_mode_sel", "ConditionValue": ">=1", "ConditionIsCustom": true } ] }, dataref and input Do you have an idea? Thanks Hervé Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  9. Version 1.1.0


    Hi Here is a profile proposal for the B742 from Felis. As the controls of the AP are not at the modern "standard", I reassigned some buttons of the AP. Everything is explained in the pdf. Good flights Hervé
  10. Hello The C172 and the B52 have an ALT Hold and VS up/down no pre-display of the target altitude. I use DatarefTools which is updated regularly. Good flights
  11. Version 1.2


    Hello Another profile for the A321NEO Toliss 🙂 It manages the push/pull of the HDG, ALT, VS, SPEED buttons The leds of these buttons are lit only when the MANGED mode is active. The adjustment of the luminous intensity of the PFD, ND of left and the two ECAM screens is possible and progressive (thanks BenBaron :-). A pdf explains the available functions and for beginners the import of the profile and its activation. Good flights Hervé Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
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