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  1. 34 minutes ago, Mathijs Kok said:


    The fact the settings are not available should not really be the issue, the fact it seems to default to very low settings could be the issue.  

    So it would still be the best solution to get access to those settings on Xbox so we can adjust it, sometimes you might want it High sometimes you want it low in variety so i hope they will give the settings on Xbox so you can release this product again and then in working order.

  2. 1 hour ago, Gstove said:

    Glad to hear it! 

    I’m loving this on the Xbox. So glad I managed to get it before it got removed! Sure the liveries aren’t always correct in real-time AI but mine mainly are and it’s massively better than the asobo liveries. 

    if it’s going to get even better then that’s great news, I’m more than happy with it as it is though. 

    Problem now is even because you own it you can not control it, you can now only have it installed and never removed unless you completely reinstrall the game on xbox because since it got removed from Xbox MarketPlace it also got removed from your content manager

  3. It has been removed from the Marketplace as it wasnt working correctly. Now us that have it installed have a different problem now, we still own it and its still active even though you dont even see it in content manager anymore so now we cant even decide if we want to have it active or not because we cant even uninstall it without having to reinstall the entire damn sim. I sure hope we get some sort of fix for this or atleast an option to remove it.

  4. Discovered another issue, when you got static Ground Aircraft turned on you got Airliners spawning at small airfields where they are not suppose to be. I removed this addon and it stopped, i installed the addon again and poof there they were again. No idea why it happens but it does. Examples they spawned at PAKW and PAKT in Canada both in Alaska. Tried it with the addon airports that i have and without both ended with the same result. It's definitely this addon Simple Traffic that is causing it because when its uninstalled it never happens and soon as you install it again poof there they are.

  5. I'm also not very pleased with the way it has been handled, because the answers that everything was working as intended was big stab in the back to the hundreds of people who are writing everywhere that there is an issue on Xbox and all we got was that it was working as intended even though you advertise differently. Now that it is finally acknowledged that there is a problem we get that it sometimes happens, uhh no for 98% of us it happens all the time. I have also said that it could be because of the settings we have missing on Xbox that PC has and I have talked to Jorg the head of Flight Simulator about that and he will look into it but would definitely help if Aerosoft could also provide its feedback to Microsoft / Asobo that those settings are vital and seriously needed on Xbox for products such as yours to work correctly.

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  6. 33 minutes ago, Gstove said:

    I posted photos earlier in the thread of correct liveries at three different airports.


    Here’s some more 


    American Airlines in Montego Bay 



    easyjet at LGW

    Virgin australia in sydney


    you can see the flight numbers in these and the photos from earlier.

    Can you post a screenshot of you having more then 2 different liveries at the same time ? 

  7. I keep saying we need those 3 settings on Xbox that are on PC its most likely the problem limiting us, hope they bring those or fix the liveries. I been testing it on Xbox Series X for 20 hours by now and am always limited to 2 different liveries, xbox has had a full powercycle which you do to clear the cache on xbox, even cleaned the persistant storage on xbox but no luck, me and 4 others even did a full new fresh install of the sim and only this addon but again same issue limited to 2 liveries. 

  8. Hopefully everyone on xbox will vote https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/asobo-microsoft-please-give-us-on-xbox-these-options-to-test-out-in-this-beta-its-important so we can get those settings and see if that solves anything. If those settings dont help then its definitely a problem with the product but this should have been properly tested on xbox before releasing it. I'm very disappointed to say the least after waiting that long. PC no issues, Xbox only 2 liveries max at once. So my gues is really that its those settings. Btw at european airports it works a little bit better you get a couple extra liveries to show up but not much.

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