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  1. That's right, it now only contains one folder being LEMD Madrid. However this is missing a substantial amount of the actual airport as can be seen in the screenshots above. Seems strange.
  2. Unfortunately I don't have that installed, probably my fault for deleting the previous version before checking this new one worked. The only folder I have now is the airport, and that still doesn't contain the whole airport.
  3. Hi guys, with the latest 1.03 update posted today the scenery no longer accurately represents the airport at all. There are plenty of missing assets including whole terminal buildings which are no longer contained in the scenery, just the jetways. The previous version had an additional folder (cant remember the name) but now there is only one so I'm just wondering has there been an error with the upload. I'll attach a few screenshots when I get the chance. Thanks. EDIT: Screenshots to show the issue including a major FPS issue that wasn't present in the previous version.
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