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  1. It is not decision of Aerosoft and seems to be a very strong instruction from Microsoft. I remember in FSX, there was a patch or a trick "no dvd", it was exactly the same policy from Microsoft at that time to keep the DVD#1 in the reader (whatever the distributor was) , and of course people founds some unofficial work around.... I guess it will be same here, just need some time.
  2. /agree. The whole set of Tuto for MFS is excellent. Excellent quality, nice speaker, easy to understand. I would recommend to pin it, especially the nbr 2 related to Keybindings which will be needed by a lot of pilots !
  3. Yes, if your license nbr is for a DVD box then you will have to. I wondering if doing a ISO image of the DVD n#1 and then mouting it when needed would be enough. I will test that. Would be fine for me, instead of using (and getting used) the physical DVD.
  4. One of my friend has similar issue. There is no "default" mapping, so you have to do by yourself. I would recommend you to have a look on this tuto, specific to key bindings, very well explained from my pov.
  5. If I get disappointed of the game, and want to re-sell it as second hand, is this feasible? Thinking about license, Serial nbr, activation, DVD #1 in the driver, etc.... (of course then I would not be able to play it obviously)
  6. Hi Just preordered the Premium. No debit, this will happen when shipping. I have not included any valid payment method in my account, and I have not been requested to do so. At that time I supposed I will be asked to pay.
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