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  1. Hello, could you please do something like this for the A320 professional? Would be great!
  2. 2302ts

    Unable to release flight

    Just wanted to report the same porblem, unable to release a flight. Found the NOTAM-Checkbox solution in here and it works for me as well, thanks for the heads up!
  3. Thanks for your reply I'm aware of the fact that a larger screen with the same resolution means less pixel per inch; I just wanted to get feedback from guys using a 27" at 1920x1080, (or have used both a 24" and a 27") how they like it, if you will. My choice is the Samsung C24FG73 or its larger brother, the C27FG73; my understanding is that they use the same panel and differ in size only.
  4. Hey there! I'm about to upgrade from my old 22" monitor to a larger one and wanted to ask for your recommendations. After long considerations my choice comes down to FullHD (1920x1080), either 24" or 27". Anything larger simply doesn't fit on my curent desk, any higher resolution I feel would simply put to much strain on my current hardware. Now, I would lean towards the 27", but have heard it said that FullHD on 27" is already somewhat grainy. I have been running my 22" with a 1680x1050 resolution. What are your experiences with FullHD on 24" or 27" screens, what are your preferences? Any input is highly appreciated Tanks, Raffael
  5. 2302ts

    FSFK and P3Dv4 - any news?

    Too bad, but thanks for the fast reply
  6. 2302ts

    The Aerosoft A330X Paint Wishlist

    I see, thanks for the clarification :)
  7. Dear Aerosoft-Team, just wanted to ask if there are any news as to FS Flight Keeper getting an update for P3Dv4 compatibility? Thanks, Raffael
  8. 2302ts

    The Aerosoft A330X Paint Wishlist

    Hey guys, Austrian repaints for the 330-200 would be great, old colors and very old colors eg OE-LAM, OE-LAN https://www.planespotters.net/photo/331555/oe-lam-austrian-airlines-airbus-a330-223 https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:117aa_-_Austrian_Airlines_Airbus_A330-223,_OE-LAN@ZRH,17.11.2000_-_Flickr_-_Aero_Icarus.jpg
  9. Hi there, could someone point me towards a manual or a tutorial where the HUD/HGS of the CRJ is covered? Can't seem to find it in the docs, and a forum search just came up with bug reports. A "how to use the HUD" would be very helpful Thanks!
  10. 2302ts

    Flight Keeper - new developer

    I also second that. I have used FK for a long time and logged quite a few flights with it. What's more, I simply didn't come across a real alternative logging software yet... of the available things I know of nothing comes close. For example, none of the other programs can log sim times (only real world utc). In short - FSFK ftw! Would gladly pay for an updated P3D version (could even be less bloaty)
  11. 2302ts

    Flight Keeper in P3D v4 works

    According to this post by Mathijs there is at least some communication with the developer of FSFK going on :-) Is there anything you guys can tell us about the status or future of FSFK (in limbo, might get worked on, is being worked on...)? Anything would be greatly appreciated.... love FSFK! Best regards Raffael
  12. 2302ts

    Flight Keeper in P3D v4 works

    I would also love to see an updated version of FSFK, I would pay for it. FSFK has been the one and only addon that I used for every flight since it came out. Like flight4 I am interested in the logging functionality "only" (times!, fuel weights, flightpath). It doesn't have to have all the details logged (like ADF1, 2 and 3 frequencies, oil quantity...), and things like AirTV or the map gauge I never used. So basically a slim version of FSFK for P3D would be much much much loved
  13. Hey Thats because there are no airways anymore in Austria since November 2016, Austrian airspace was changed to a "Free Route Airspace" (actually together with Slovenia, its now SAXFRA, Slovenian Austrian Cross border Free Route Airspace). Thats means only DIRECTS over Austria; there are some exceptions for traffic into and out of Vienna, Bratislava, Lubljanja and I think Munich - basically "mandatory direct routes" are in place there. Some more detailed info here: https://eaip.austrocontrol.at/lo/170428/enr_6.htm Chapter 6.8 is a chart with all the usable fixes. Hope that helps, lg Raffael