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  1. And the last picture of this Aerosoft scenery. I will delete this scenery now, before it does more harm to my perfect working FSX. I don't understand why Aerosoft sell this horrible scenery.. I checked the scenery with the fault finder and there where quite a lot of problems in the afcad-files. Good bye London City X! Back to the perfect working freeware scenery of EGLC. Pity of the € 13,71...
  2. I put the scenery in a higher position in the scenery.cfg. But didn't help. In the attachment I show you that AI bmp-files show up in the sky. Furthermore I show you pictures of a landing (between 400-200 feet everything becomes grey) and the last pictures give an example of a landing with ASN enabled. I don't have this strange texture behaviour on any other stock, freeware or payware sceneries. Suggestions are more than welcome!
  3. I am sorry. Didn't know that. But in the jpg format the problem stays the same. And something new happens with my first landing at London City X: at about 300 ft the scenery completely grey-out and comes back just before landing. The challenge of this scenery is much bigger than the 5.5 degree glide slope!
  4. Just bought London City X, but I have a problem when I pan along the airport. Suddenly appears part of an AI aircraft that is parked on the apron. See attachment. Never had this before with my other addon airports. I have no other addons in the UK and checked already my fsx.cfg, scenery.cfg en terrain.cfg. No problems there. Any suggestions are more then welcome! 2017-7-23_14-44-41-853.BMP
  5. Hi Marco, The NL2000 V4 Scenery is fully compatible with Mega Airport Schiphol for FSX. It is een beautiful combination. But it is quite a download...
  6. I put two bgl-files from the BarcelonaX FS9 scenery folder in the BarcelonaX FSX scenery folder: LEBL_puerto.bgl and naves_ex.bgl. In FSX Barcelona harbor has ships, cranes and oildepots again! Funny: the textures corresponding with these (missing?) bgl's where already in the Barcelona FSX texture folder. For those who sometimes have a CTD using BarcelonaX and use WOA_AI traffic: delete/change in the Spanair package the following plane: WOA-EVAI_A320-200_IAE EC-IIZ (Vacaciones). The texture of this plane can cause a CTD. Happy X-mas!
  7. Downloaded accidently BarcelonaX for FS9 and installed it on my FSX SP2 with UTX. worked just fine. Today I installed the FSX-version. Of course the scenery is beautiful as all the SimWings sceneries are. But I miss one important part compared to the FS9-version: the harbor with ships, oildepots and cranes is gone! In real live its in an impressive sight just before landing at rwy 27L/R. Maybe something for version 1.01? Or is it possible to use the "harbor- bgl's" and textures from the BarcelonaX FS9 folder? But again: thank you for this NG-version of El Prat!
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