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  1. Hello Poudelou! Your answer brought the solution! After having activated the IRS and the Trim and Yaw it works fine. I simply was too impatient in testing the AP. Thank you very much for your advice!
  2. LesOReilly: I enclose a screen shot, but it won't be very helpful I guess: Ypou can see that f.i. the Speed button is working, but the AN Eng button does not! When clicked on it just flickers and beeps as it does when disengaged.
  3. Poudelou: It doesn't change whether the FD is engaged or not. All other buttons work, except the A/P master switch. I could solve the problem once again by de-installing and re-installing the CRJ, but after one normal flight the problem reappeared,, when I opened the MSFS2020 and tried to start a new flight.
  4. I installed CRJ70 from Aerosoft shop two weeks ago. I am using it with MS FS2020 under Windows 10. Installation went well, I did some flights already, but since some days the autopilot master switch does not work any more. When pressed with the mouse left key, it just flickers and the disengage signal sounds. I did already de-install and reinstall the whole package, but no improvement. I use Saitek Flight controls Y65-F (throttle quadrant and joystick). I did deactivate any key assignment of the A/P Master switch to the flight controls, no change. I simply cannot get the autopilot engaged. Who can help me out?
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