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  1. care to shed some light on this, surely the developer can clarify if this is an option or not thanks
  2. yes, the fuel consumption varies very little for a helicopter as the engines are basically running at full rated speed throughout. but as mentioned above the files are a work in progress and needs to be tinkered as required to dial in the actual fuel consumption as programmed by the addon and yes I am refering to the guide, but helicopters are a special breed so it falls a little beside the target of the guide but appreciate the input Srcooke
  3. Scrooke, good point, have one now AgustaWestland AW139.txt AgustaWestland AW139.txt
  4. Hi all, Im tinkering with a profile for the X-rotors AW139, and one of the issues I have is that PFPX always tends to select the highest FL, regardless of weather. Being a Helicopter this is not always the best scenario, is there a way I can preset the profile to select an altitude/FL somewhere in the middle, without having to manually change it every time I plan a flight. cheers
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