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  1. I did have just on perfect entry, using tear drop. I got lucky, I guess. The direct and parallel entry still messy.
  2. I agree. Problem it's caused by the last Asobo/MS update. I did 8 flights after update and still diving between 1600 ft and 1400ft, during the ILS app.
  3. I agree! This is my first Aerosoft/DA addon and I don't regret buying. The new version it's really stable. I'm already spent 60h flying this baby. And I really looking forward for integration with vPilot and the FS2Crew VC release.
  4. Right now (1341Z) we have 32 CRJs at Vatsim.
  5. Saul500NE


    Online traffic it worked here at TCAS, but without integration at XPDR with Altitude. This will be out at next update? Regards,
  6. Ui bay, curti o alarme de stall! Pensei que tu mesmo tivesse feito! :D (@YouTube http://t.co/fLU0GOpu)

  7. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/TqWzfU7q The Knot - Ruama & Saul Dinner Party

  8. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/XKsDDtlb The Black Eyed Peas - Don't Stop The Party

  9. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/Fx6bmpGf Mulher Filé - Estaladinha ♪♫

  10. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/1kiJjMqn Não Trabalhando em Equipe

  11. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/quASWXOp Flo Rida - Wild Ones ft. Sia [Official Video]

  12. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/aSsmWFqh ace ventura dublado "sim satan"

  13. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/3i9ds5f6 "Rock the Boat' Bob Sinclar feat. Pitbull, Dragonfly and Fatman

  14. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/O7Aibxyk Lufthansa 2011 HipHop

  15. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/uXRAUZYn David Guetta - Turn Me On ft. Nicki Minaj

  16. I liked a @YouTube video from @fedegiardina http://t.co/5swO3Pxz BOB SINCLAR - Rock The Boat Feat. Pitbull, Drag

  17. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/7n4DkcYX Tiko's Groove feat. Gosha - I Don't Know What To Do (Official V

  18. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/GXv70Bhf Swedish House Mafia vs. Knife Party - Antidote

  19. Me amarro na wingflex desse bicho! (@YouTube http://t.co/X8F7ya5E)

  20. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/3R5SQDsL Painting Lufthansa's Boeing 747-8

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