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  1. Nice job. Just to note: Not what I'm aware, Finnair uses IAE engines on any of their A319s. Only the newest A321 with winglets have also IAEs. All other 'baby busses' in their fleet have CFM.
  2. Finnair A319 Air Canada A319 Please :bow_down2_s:
  3. Another Great release! Thank you. Fine textures, including the trees, but the leaves are green even it's winter. Well, let's say it's because of the global warming effect But you might want to consider fixing that when an update is coming.
  4. I noticed Airbus has also started providing Boeing style winglets for the A3XX series (or at least for the new A320neo). So, will Airbus X ver. 2 include winglets?
  5. Aerosoft has brilliant add-on sceneries - own many of them already, but some of them seem to have quite serious frame rate issues even with my hi-end system.. A bad case is Mega Airport Brussels and Cologne-Bonn. I keep getting 11-20 frames with both of them. With comparison, on basic KJFK without add-ons I keep getting 40 fps(!) now that I installed GTX460 SE to my i7 860. There are other add-on sceneries by Aerosoft that I get frames up to 50.
  6. Have you really checked out your controller settings on FSX!?? My hardware (axis for the) throttle did not work until I adjusted the bars according to the Airbus X manual (page 14). To my understanding the quality of your joystick does not have much to do with if the throttle works or not. I'm thinking about buying a Saitek aviation controllers but currently I use a cheap basic play station based game controller for PC and now it works fine with my Airbus X. Now it allows me to choose if I use TOCA positon or not on take offs. Before the throttle started to work I needed to hold it on max until V2 and enabling autopilot othervise the throttle returned to IDLE and made me stall.
  7. Btw. Those who have experienced throttle problems in Airbus X (like I did), plus having a joystick with an extra axis for the throttle, you also need to SET THE RIGHT VALUES for the joystick that can be found on the Airbus X manual. That should solve the problem. Edit: What I mean by right values is the values for the axis sensitivities in FSX (Control settings menu). Just move the bars according to the picture shown in the manual. You actually can fly the Airbus X without the properly working axis by using autopilot constantly and ILS approaches with autoland but it takes the fun out of visual approaches because turning autopilot off during approach will speed up the plane and makes you miss your final approach if the throttle axis does not work as it should. So, no that it works the product is even more awesome.
  8. magnum37

    Airbus X

    Aerosoft people, How about an A319 Expansion pack for Airbus X!? I'd like it so much. Actually A319 is my favourite in real life. I know it's technically just as A320 but still... BESIDES with A319's longer range you can fly over Atlantic etc. You can't do that with A320/321! Maybe a little more detailded FMC would be nice to get sometimes. Also as some more visual asjustment, a virtual cabin view (like in CS 757) would be nice to Airbus X. Still would like to thank you for the amazing product Airbus X is! It is the kind of an add-on the flight simulation community needed - as real as it gets. Thank you.
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