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  1. Yeah thanks for the link. Just please note my question was about the Aerosoft documentation which has it seems every piece of data you could require for landing but none for takeoff. I asked in case I had missed it but it seems not.
  2. This is very strange - I got the fix a number of days ago and it works very well but it has now disappeared from flightsim.to - unsure why. However, looking at the contents of the zipfile it has a lot of model definitions in it which feels to me like in future it could get out of step with the base models when they get updated so while it works now I'll leave it but I expect to end up removing soon. What this does however suggest is that the issue is eminently fixable with little effort so I hope this will be done officially soon.
  3. FWIW in my first real flight *after* SU7 I am having much more reliable results with the left/right click sequence so possibly MS changed something in that deployment. If it works consistently then I am happy. Will monitor but looking positive.
  4. Just loaded into another flight and this time, all is as expected. As mentioned above by someone else - last night I set brightness immediately - today I did not as it's daylight. It did not trigger the effect when I changed brightness now. Thanks for looking.
  5. @GEK_the_Reaper if it was as simple as right click then left click I absolutely agree with you. As I noted in an earlier reply, that is not a consistent experience. Occasionally it works like that, but mostly *I* have to repeat that pair of clicks multiple times to achieve one sync. For clarity - I use standard mouse profile and legacy mode interaction. I will see if I can use an unused button on my multi-panel to send an event with spad.next but that wouldn't help the many people without that add-on. If anyone needs a video to see what happens for me then let me know, I'm happy to provide.
  6. Not an issue causing pain but a surprise. The selector buttons on EFB are now black/blue bisected rather than the original all blue.
  7. confirm I have this also - bought from AS direct, installed on steam with AS1.
  8. It's not that simple. I find a 1 in 3 chance that the click will actually centre the heading - the other 2 times I hear a "solid" click but the heading does not change.
  9. Actually - I wonder if it complained because after changing flaps it in effect set the VNAV profile to not ready. If I get it again will also try forcing a change in VNAV and seeing if the exec clears.
  10. Agreed - minimal benefit but thanks for the suggestion, will try if it happens again. As I say I'm pretty sure it was when I switched flap to 20 and set all speeds. It did disappear about 10 minutes before landing with no input from me.... <shrug> 🙂
  11. On my PFD I have a red box around FD. The FD is active and follows the active plan as does the autopilot. I've tried switching FD on off and on with the button on FCP but the box remains. I *think* it appeared when I decided to change my T/O from flaps 8 to 20 and hit SET ALL again on the performance tab in EFB. All the speeds transferred correctly. It doesn't appear to be causing any issue but is disconcerting to see...
  12. I have the full 550/700/900/1000 bundle installed via the standard zip installer - all fine. That is version 10110. I then read that there was a fix for the PFD knob issue so I thought I'd install Aerosoft one and use that to update. It tells me there is an update to 10114 but when I click upgrade it tells me it has to uninstall the existing one and install via Aerosoft One. My question is - if I do that, will I lose my custom camera views and throttle configs or is that correctly maintained? I also did not see a new installation zip in my instant downloads so if I did not use AS1 unclear how I would upgrade? Thank you.
  13. I have searched the quick reference manual with speeds for minimum runway lengths required for CRJ1000 but cannot find them. can someone confirm the correct manual and page please? Thank you
  14. For info of others (like me) who didn't have the update yet - I only experienced this issue on the 1000 when flying with HOP livery - BritAir works fine. Will try to update when my current flight is done and confirm fixed.
  15. Too often I start getting GPWS call-outs for sink rate below about 500 ft. My descent rate seems to be around 500fpm at vapp so unsure what it should be - say for CRJ700?
  16. @SimWareVery much appreciated thank you and I understand the concerns. Wallet poised for the 900/1000 upgrade 🙂
  17. Thanks to all who replied - appreciated and I will be working through the info. I guess my point is that if all plane developers provided the definitions and usage up front as part of the docs then it would save everyone a lot of searching and ensure the info is correctly maintained through patches etc. I suspect it's already there as the devs must have this reference somewhere for their own uses. Cheers
  18. Adding my thanks to the list for the excellent upgrade price - Microsoft, I'm looking at *you* 🙂
  19. Good morning. First, I have to say CRJ is pretty much the only airliner I fly in MSFS at the moment as I find it both challenging and enjoyable - very happy with my purchase and look forward to new planes. I'm also a recent adopter of SpadNext to help program my peripherals and I find it a constant struggle to identify the correct LVARS and events (sim or custom) to use. I have searched but so far failed to find an existing resource - if that's my bad google-fu would appreciate a link? I have just seen what I consider to be an excellent example of what I'm looking for from the FBW team to support a32nx management - ##https://docs.flybywiresim.com/pilots-corner/a32nx-briefing/a32nx_api/## A reference like this for any released plane would be so very helpful. Many thanks
  20. Thanks Matthias - I will repeat the flight and check. Supplemental - If I enter an RNAV approach but decide to fly the ILS would it arm APP correctly? Based on the material referenced I *assume* that the ILS would auto-tune in the background to Nav1 but would not autoswitch for APP. I suppose then I can manually change source and acquire LOC and GS. If not I will set tuning to manual and pre-select ILS. Why would I? The RNAV arrival is more logical for EGNT and setting approach as ILS in the plan results in a strange intercept so I like to say RNAV arrival and approach for the plan to give me nice vectors and then pick up ILS for the approach... I do not use Vatsim or MS ATC (yet) 🙂 This works fine in WT CJ4 and FBW A32nx.
  21. Simple question - when I have the AP in NAV following FMS1 and get in range of ILS - do I need to manually switch the source to LOC1 or does it auto switch and acquire if I hit APP mode once I'm on a sane intercept? I thought it did acquire once but didn't hold it, but that could have been me getting slow and low... It works fine when I manually switch to LOC1 and I get the green needles but just wondered as it seems to be very similar to the CJ4 Collins FMC which does auto switch and acquire.
  22. I flew EGLC-EGNT and planned the RIMT1N arrival to ILS25 with vectors after ETSES (I had removed discontinuity but left vectors so I could get a reasonable intercept in HDG mode). Plan looked fine on the FMS and in PLN mode. Got to cruise and switched MFD to show VNAV - I did not see the time/distance to ToD. It stayed like that until I removed the VECTORS line on the FMS - immediately I saw the ToD and it worked fine after that. It was not ideal because it left me with a direct to FF125 which is not appropriate. My question is why I need to remove the vectors indication as that correctly describes (in my mind) the plan - it "knows" all the constraints and has the runway - seems like the very least it could do is take me to the last alt constraint before the vectors?
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