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  1. Hi again. The video is the X-Plane 737. The Autopilot problem happens on all Aircraft with an autopilot in X-Plane,(using the x-plane config tool) and all Aircraft in P3D (using the the P3D config tool in both default profile and the respective aircraft profiles from Aerosoft) including PMDG 777 add on, and the Mooney using the default profile. Many thanks, David
  2. Hi, yes, when I do the test as you describe, without the simulator running, all Bravo throttle functions operate correctly when only the joystick utility is used. kind regards, David.
  3. Hi, Thanks for your response, There appears to be no response in the Windows joystick utility when the Autopilot is engaged. This is the case in all aircraft with an autopilot in both X-Plane and P3D please see attached video. kind regards, David.
  4. In both X-Plane and P3Dv5, my Honeycomb throttle quadrant autopilot rotary selector (incr/decr) works fine until the autopilot is engaged. Once the autopilot is engaged it stops responding, then works again when the autopilot is disconnected. This happens on all Aircraft with autopilots, on both sim titles (X-Plane and P3Dv5). I’m using the latest Honeycomb configurators for the respective titles, and all other functions work fine. If anyone has heard of this before or could suggest a fix it would be greatly appreciated! with thanks….
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