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  1. That's what they call love at first sight. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L
  2. Considering that LGIR is 99.9% finished I'd take the opportunity to request/ask/beg/plead for LGTS. Interesting layout, interesting building, a Ryanair hub and my hometown's airport. I prepay now if you want!
  3. And when is this Mr. Emilios? Must have enough time to fly before my holiday. After that 'the wife' with 'the kds' will return home so bye bye FSX...
  4. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH The last part is hilarious!!! The dad 'we love' or the pappou? As a Greek you already know that the most famous hellenic word in the world (the 'M' word) is moslty used for the close ones, so yes, dad must not worry a lot. It's hard to imagine an englishman getting married in Crete. This must be quite a show!
  5. Έλα πατριώτη! My paypal account keeps asking... Emilie?
  6. Come on! Ok, there are airports with more interesting approaches (Samos all the way!!!), but Thessaloniki is a must! After that you can do Skiathos and Chania
  7. He he he! No need to say more... Have a nice day & Καλή Ανάσταση! George @ LGAV
  8. Emilie καλημέρα, Can we have a broader view from above even if not 100% ready? We all look forward for this masterpiece!
  9. Excellent job! I'm very happy to see another Greek airport in excellent quality after FlyTampa LGAV and of course LGKR and LGKO (don't have Santorini yet). Guess LGTS should be the next step. IMO a very interesting terminal building...
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