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  1. I'm afraid this won't be updateable. It is the way this addon is written. As I told, some further airports exists with the same matter. If you are able to do please test EPKK from FlyDesign. Here you can find exact the same behaviour like to be seen in EDDK. mfg Kai
  2. It seems to work now, maybe flightplans starting in ESSA make problems. I'll check that later again. Kai
  3. hello, after installing V2.03 the FlightSimLabs AOC uplinkfunction (printing the flightplan to the FSL- bus) doesn't work anymore. It tells me something about an invalid flightplan. Yesterday, with 2.01, everything worked perfectly. Do I have to do some other steps now than I did before? Kai
  4. EDDK is a wonderful airport. At my PC I can't see stuttering in the usual way of this word but another kind of performance issues. I would call it slippering. I can't describe it exactly in English what I mean. In German I would say: "ein Rutschen, ein Gleiten, ein Verzögern des Ablaufes für eine Sekunde (so eine Art Zeitlupe) und dann rutscht der Ablauf etwas schneller weiter, um wieder da zu sein, wo er linear zu der Zeit hätte sein sollen." This phenomen I encountered at several airports in P3Dv4. It wass EPKK from Flydesign (very strong slippering) and some airports from Simmershome; not as strong as EPKK. Both of them are made with the SDK of P3Dv4; these are the statements from the developers and I believe them. So maybe in EDDK we have the same phenomen? EPKK is very prominent for me, because at first I used the version from Flydesign (with these slipperings) but as soon as Stanislaus from Drzewiecki had released his version 2.1 for P3Dv4 I switched my installed scenery to his release. What should I say: the same airport with nearly the same buildings, just another developer and a difference like day and night! So I would agree with Oliver: the techniques behind programming and compiling is not only black and white but depending on other factors which can be discovered only by trialing and testing. mfg Kai
  5. Kai-Uwe

    Bergamo pro Update

    Thanks! I'm sure they will do it very soon. Usually SM is very quick. mfg Kai
  6. hello, just seeing the update for Bergamo pro. Will it be actualised via the Aerosoft Updater or do I have to download the complete order? I bought via Simmarket so I hope they will have the update available too. mfg Kai
  7. Good morning, Because of closing the previewthread just after putting my question regarding an upgradeprice there I'll repeat it here. Oliver Pabst wrote that an update to GAP2 2012 could not be possible because the developers of both versions are not the same. I answered that I assumed that already but I refered to Bergamo LIME, where the developer firstly was David Rosenfeld and the latest version came frome TailstrikeDesign; it comes with a small upgrade-rabat. So maybe we can hope for an upgrade-price here too? mfg Kai
  8. Kai-Uwe

    Köln/Bonn airport - released

    Is there an update to GAP2 2012 available? mfg Kai
  9. Kai-Uwe

    Reducing IRS aligning time?

    Okay, thank you Otto. Maybe it will be coming in the future. mfg Kai
  10. hello, is it possible to reduce the IRS aligning time? 10 minutes is sometimes too long a little bit (for me). Please don't answer something like: it is realistic; just if it is possible to reduce it. Thanks. mfg Kai
  11. Kai-Uwe

    Bergen Jetways no textures

    Hi Jo, thanks a lot, this was the trick! Now the textures are back again and the airport is complete now. mfg Kai
  12. Kai-Uwe

    Bergen Jetways no textures

    Yes, it is in the ecosystem installed, Jo. mfg Kai
  13. Kai-Uwe

    Bergen Jetways no textures

    The same for me. A solution would be very appreciated! mfg Kai
  14. Kai-Uwe

    Köln/Bonn airport - released

    What a progress in flightsim! I remember EDDK in GAP 2 for FSX very well! mfg Kai
  15. Jo, wird gemacht. mfg Kai