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  1. Hello. gentlemen. I tried to do what you say in the messagebut I did not achieve anything. Please if you want tell me in a little more detail the moves I need to make because firstly I am a great person and secondly I am not a programmer. So please be more detailed. Thank you.
  2. Gentlemen, our problem with the purchase we made and I mean the CRJ 550-700 Aerosoft remains unsolved because none of you tell us what to do. You are simply referring us to the community to find an end. All the right companies return money when something is wrong, do the same.
  3. I bought the CRJ 550-700 through the MicroSoft Flight Simulator and nothing works in the cockpit all dead the steering wheel stuck to the left, we are sad for the money I gave. Please tell me what to do in my Email (alepoydiaris@yahoo.gr) Thank you Ioannis Karras
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