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  1. @mathijs Kok I must say, of ALL the companies that make flight sim add-ons I have NEVER seen a person from one of those "other" companies quickly reply and be so involved with the people on the forums as much as you sir, you constantly give us news and updates on projects happening at Aerosoft and actually read the comments from the community here in the forum, outstanding commitment. As for the Otter, again outstanding work done from you and your team at Aerosoft, I'm sure that the Twin Otter will be a Hot seller, like many here I am looking forward to purchasing this magnificent aircraft from Aerosoft when it becomes available, it will truly be one of the best aircraft that will be flown more often than any other aircraft for MSFS2020 in my opinion. Thank you and your team for all the hard work that you all have devoted into making this masterpiece for us all to enjoy. Bob
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