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  1. Hello, I purchased Anchorage X at aerosoft store, but you nor said anything about discounts for previous owners of Anchorage X neither I can see a link for it at my account, I tried to order it to see if an automatic discount is applied but nothing, while at simmarket they made that explicit "owners of X version will get a 50% discount after logging on the same account". This is not applied to aersoft store? Why?, or how I can get the same discount if it already exist? Many thanks Mario
  2. Following Snave, the developers must not even build combat aircrafts for FS9/X, and we must not purchase them in the name of the suposed philosophy under FS9/X or X-Plane which has an aircraft carrier under its "PRO" version with and F16...well, in fact , I guess actually there are more combat planes for add-on than civilian ones. Then why not made them fully combat planes?? If not dont buy F16, or acceleration, spitfire, etc. etc. personally I always found very frustrating to fly an airplane made for combat just to go from one point to other. Imagination is a central part on the sims, well, I would like to test my fighting skills praticing shots and combat training using fighting aircarfts. One of the very first version of MSFS used to show at Hawaii the place (a little island close to Maui if I am not wrong) for shooting practice launching an aircarft from the battle formation close to Hawaii. I would like to have it now to really do that as I assume, every Navy of the world does even under peace times (perhaps almost never indeed)... Regards Mario
  3. Snave: Germany was a bit close to Spain, almost no performance differences between both teams and they would be easilly champions too. It was a well deserved third place very close to the first, with just a few cm of distance in between (perhaps luck with more emotion involved and Podolsky absent), I would be very happy in your place. I really like the way Germany is playing, I confess is my favorite, with a deep and long work since ten years ago so far with Jurgen Klinsmanns style always present. Of course spanish happiness was contagious and I love them too, they made me very happy and is on my list close to the german panzer division. Our team, was not a team, was a bunch of football stars with a crazy nut in front, I didnt like them at all (but I dont blame the players, was the abscence of a mind behind them) Totally non-sense. Today the three or four first teams are all winners, didnt say nothing about my uruguayan mates, our brothers. They did what we didnt with nothing but brave "gaucho" heart. Holland was horrible, nothing else to say about them. Congratulations again, first place or not, thats the way to play the sport!
  4. Just to congratulate my german fellows simmers for their victory, Germany is a strong, solid and amazing team. Applauses! Mario from Argentina
  5. Hello, I asked Flylogic guys and in fact it does, is not the case with the former version (Pro without X) Thanks anyway
  6. Hello Nick, thanks for the info, I ordered it yesterday. With regards Mario
  7. hello Did anybody install CHPRO X DVDs under W7 x64? Iv seen posted some problems with this setup.exe under this environment. Even under Flylogic support they recommend to copy all the dvds on the HD before installing to sort some problems with the setup.exe. I would like to be certain about this before ordering cause is not only an expensive scenery, I should pay a lot and wait quite time for the shipment. I wont find myself at home with a non running dvd after recieveing them. Many thanks! With regards Mario
  8. Hello I would like to know if the new version of CHPRO ( X ) display autogen objects under FS9 (I mean, trees, houses, etc.) as well as landmarks, as I understand it does for FSX. Im asking this because It was dissapointing to see no trees and houses (just good textures and mesh) with the former version for fs20002-2004. Its important to me to decide before invest in such a big scenery. With regards Mario
  9. Thanks for your replies guys, its good to know that this does work with FS9 under Vista 64. Thanks for your time too. Best regards Mario
  10. Thank you newmanix for your clarification. Thanks for taking your time writing saimenq, Im honored too for that. Cheers Mario
  11. Hi Does anybody knows if AES services works in FS9 installed on a 64 bits environment like VISTA 64 or XP 64 as OS? Have anybody used AES under this configuration? Many thanks Mario
  12. Hi Oliver, hi all: Iv been out of FS for a couple of years because of personal problems. Now Im getting back to the games... The matter is that Im planning to install Vista 64 in a new machine Im building. Its mainly for FSX...but I would like to install FS9 too. I was searching your forum and didnt find an answer to this, first, is AES vista 64 compatible? (the same for XP64) 2nd, I found that you recommend to install FS9 in a separate drive (not the main) under VISTA (dont know if it is under 32 o 64 bits versions) Either for any of those, Vista as OS, do you have other recommendations for fs9 under Vista besides installing it in a separate drive? I would appreciate your clarification cause Im pretty losted between fs versions and OS versions... Perhaps you already discussed and answered this questions in other topics, I would be thankfull if somebody can provide me the link. Sorry if I made a redundant question, but again, is not easy to follow what have been happend with all the addons, FS9 and FSX plus OSes during the last two years. Many thanks in advance. Cheers for all. Mario
  13. Hi Mathjis and Aerosoft´s team: Since 2004 I was interested on this airplane, specially because reality-XP gauge lines. I started to do a hughe amount of retrofits combinations and panel editions based upon Premier Aircraft Design models following all the pictures available at Airliners net and their TOtter panels. After seeing your screen-shots and buying the product I was amazed how real and close to the actual airplanes your aircrafts are. Congratulations, it was exactly what I was looking for the last 3 years! Many thanks. Mario
  14. Hi all: Before anything I want to state clearly that I have read almost all the info at hand (for regular users, I am not a computer expert, just trying to understand) regard SLI as well as its place on FSX. There is a common consense regard FSX and SLI: "SLI doesn't do anything for FS and SLI adds nothing to the FSX experience" Just check the single/dual VGA 2007 comparative charts at Toms hardware with FSX and the most common GCards: same FPS even at high settings using single or dual GTX or whatever. Roger, I found many simple explanations of why it doesn´t worth for FSX. On the other hand I have a Matrox Triple Head 2 GO: http://www.matrox.com/graphics/en/gxm/products/th2go/ It is a graphic expansion module box that allows you to add two or three monitors with a combined resolution of up to 3840 x 1024 to your workstation, gaming system or laptop, even if that system only supports a single display output (note: SLI only allows for one single plugged monitor to the VCard, the TH2Go have three or two plugs for the monitos and only one to the VCard) Many of you already knows what this device can do: basically it makes believe your computer that you have one single monstruous high res display with three normal screen monitors or 2 widescreen combined. There are two reviews about it on Avsim, one at Simflight and other at Flightsim.com. This year one member of Avsim did a very precise research and benchmarking of FSX under Vista 64, which includes the impact of TH2GO in the final FSX perfomance (around 25% drop ) http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...;topic_id=31320 On the other hand I found many SLI experienced users that really understands how it works adding something more to the current SLI utility, perhaps resumed at PTaylor weblog regard FSX and SLI/multicore systems: http://blogs.msdn.com/ptaylor/archive/2 ... -core.aspx "The main issue is that FSX is CPU bound so the extra GPU doesn’t provide any benefit until fill rate, as determined by resolution and AA settings, drive past the CPU-boundness". "So SLI doesn’t benefit FSX much except at extreme resolutions with high AA. This is borne out by the review “Real-World Gaming CPU Comparison with 8800 GTX SLI”. This article proves at 19x12 or 25x16 with 16xAA on the Intel CPU, the fill rate requirement is high enough to counterbalance the CPU-boundness and show some benefit for FSX. And these conclusions are borne out by the community, see Note 2". In simple words, what basically happen when an FSX "machine" (not the "game") must confront such large res/AA sets (eg. 3840 x 1024//32xSLI AA) it "drive past "the CPU-boundness releasing the task to the second GPU or both of them to achive the goal. Then SLI/CFire enter on scene, even with a non SLI "capable" application like FSX. It is difficult to me to find reviews regard this last chance for SLI. Im building an FSX machine with a TH2Go, QuadX Core, ULTRA VC, 4G ram, 780i mobo and probably Vista 64 Home Premium (the most popluar 64 version). You see, Im trying to avoid bottle necks. Neither I can find reviews with this specific configuration because its extremely expensive for most of the users, and worst, with two Ultras on SLI (I have only one, and I cannot buy another just to proube) Finally my questions are: 1) Did somebody proube FSX with 2 SLI 88GTX/Ultras with TH2Go in a not CPU/RAM bottlenecked machine? or have a reference? 2) having the current knowledge, it would be "in theory" possible to AVOID that 25% dropping in FSX perfomance using TH2GO, plugged with two 88GTX/Ultras on SLI? I guess that this question can be interesting for the upcoming next generation videocards, the 9800 GX2 Nvidia (will be launched on march) or the current ATI crossfire top of the line dual GPU vcard. It seems that the industry tends to build dual GPUs in a single card for their next top-of the line. I mean it because I dont know precisely how this Vcards will work, but I guess that they will not be far from the 7950 GX2-1G ram, which worked similar to dual cards on SLI, but in only one (in fact it needed an SLI compatible mobo even using one PCIE slot) We will face this new technologie soon. Of course I know that the regular user are not willing to spend this money for FSX, but some do, this question is oriented to that part of the simmers looking for a high end machine. I just want to do more deep exploration about SLI/CrossF technology benefits and or the upcoming technologies already available or in the near future (march 11th: Nvidia 9800GX2 with 1 or 2G ram on-board) http://www.legitreviews.com/news/4481/ http://news.softpedia.com/news/NVIDIA-0 ... 5548.shtml http://www.mvktech.net/content/view/3990/1/ http://enthusiast.hardocp.com/article.h ... VzaWFzdA== Sorry for the long post spanish is my lenguage, and is not easy to explain all the puzzle, specially not being a technician nor and expert, as I said above. Thanks if somebody is willing to read the entire post, and want to add something more to this debate. With regards. Mario
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