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  1. @Mathijs Kok, are there any plans to enhance the Twotter later on? I especially mean if any sim progression is made.. (hopefully no sim regression occurs )
  2. Hopefully it's the storage (first of them at least) for all the money Aerosoft are gonna make from selling the Twotter 😉
  3. Your hard work is highly appreciated! you keep raising the bar for others too (very good for all of this community!)
  4. And LITERALLY 3 hours later this showed up AMAZING customer service from Aerosoft and Mathijs
  5. Wow! those look awesome! Missed your stream - i'll catch it later though. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Well in that case, at least give us a cardboard with your pic on it 😜
  7. At least it's an opportunity to use the time of the delayed release for more polishing. Thank you for that.
  8. Thank you Mathijs for the quick answer. It's like you were working on that before I asked..
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