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  1. Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo. Dual Trim switch input as standard on the Alpha and the Trim wheel on Bravo. Trim is much more sensitive than before. Have not tested with other aircraft. Unknown if it is a general MSFS bug(but seems like it) or CRJ Bug(less likely). Can give mulitple trim value inputs by a single tap, can be hard to fine tune, easy to over og under trim
  2. Sorry it was a misspelling it was FL370. But yeah I know to big chance of hitting a billioneer on their way to space up there
  3. Indeed I think you are right that the main issue is the weather changes. But the indicated Mach vs the Mach I calculate with a CR-3 does add up and should not be affected by the weather change. The Speed jumping seems to be bacuse og the temperature chaning. and the KIAS seems right according to the change in temperature, and the Speed bug Mach seems right with IAS vs FL = mach. So why does the Indicated Mach show an error. I think this might be a bug with the CRJ
  4. I have applied the fix and had 2 flights in the CRJ-700. The airspeed seesm to move normally, but I just encountered a stutter or jump while in flight at FL370. I am not sure if it is MSFS or CRJ depended. But cruising at FL370 I had about M.8 ITT 700ish and N1 85.8 WHile in cruise on AP I suddently hear a change in the engine sound and I can see there is major differrenses. Airspeed jumped to M.63 ITT rised slowly to 907 while the N1 I can not confirm what happened. After a couple of minutes the same thing happened again but sisnce I had been speeding up the cruise speed I jumpoed right into overspeed M.84 I am not 100% sure but I believe it is happening at crossover zones between different airmasses in the sim. Oh and forgot to metion that the Mach indicator above teh spedtape does not match up with the speed bug Mach nr. Eg. on top it says my speed is M.84 while it is ABOVE my bug set at M.8 Now when looking at the IAS is about 255 and the FL at the time was 390 the M should be .82
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