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  1. Dear Aerosoft, I don't know what's happening with the CRJ because so far, I haven't been able to fly it once. Even with it installed, it gives me CTD when loading MFS (all the time). When I delete the CRJ folder, everything goes back to normal. The strange thing is that I have other complex planes installed and none of them gives me any problems. One example is the new released P_ _G model, which is extremely complex and works like a charme from the beginning. So I think there must be something with some exaggerated protection against piracy that affects everyone. And I have issues with Aerosoft scenaries too. I have that horrible feeling of having thrown a lot of money away as I see a lot of complaints about CTD on MFS and so far, no solution. I buy everything via Marketplace within MSFS, and the sim purchased from the Steam store. I would appreciate any help with that issue. Thanks a lot in advance
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