We are looking for two additional A330 pilots to join our advisory team.  We will ask for credentials (sorry for that), but if you are willing to assist contact us on mathijs.kok@aerosoft.com

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  1. Hello, for now I'm actually doing just that - unplugging the USB when I'm done flight simming. Since I use the computer for many other tasks, sims, and games I would rather just have the unit powered off and out of the way. So my current makeshift procedure has been (1) close out the sim, (2) unplug the unit, (3) close out the software. I know this doesn't answer your question specifically and I'm sure Cockpit Master will be answering shortly. Once they have a power down built into the unit itself I think it will make our issues go away. Looking forward to that if they can build this functionality in!
  2. Hello All, I thought I would take the time to write a quick review after spending about an hour with the unit tonight (on the ground at the gate in P3DV4 with the PMDG 737NGXu). If you don't read any further, this thing rocks and really only takes about 2 minutes to setup on the computer. As every YouTube reviewer has mentioned, it does take longer to get the CDU out of the packaging then mount it to the stand/holder and plug in! The rest is super easy. This first caught my eye on the Aerosoft website a few weeks ago since I've gotten 110% back into flight simming. I really couldn't believe some of the amazingly positive reviews out there of this unit, such as the many videos from the guys at 737ngworld on Youtube. They were so impressed with this unit and couldn't give it any higher praise. They followed up with a few additional videos putting this through its paces and even connecting two at once and/or switching the CDU from the Captain to FO CDU in the simulator (as the new firmware can allow). I had to try the unit for myself and thought it would be a great first piece of real hardware for my setup (other than yoke/rudder) and so I ordered directly from the cockpit-master website. I believe the owner got in touch with me (and very quickly) to answer a question about shipping to my location and then I purchased. I received the unit in excellent packaging within 5 days or so internationally shipped via FedEx. I got the unit unpacked tonight in a few minutes, went to the website to download the software ZIP file, opened it, plugged in the unit, started up P3DV4 and I was off to the races! Everything I could go through programming the FMS for a short domestic flight worked like a charm. As the guys at 737ngworld mention, the unit immediately syncs with the simulator- no lag in the displays whatsoever. The button presses are great, the feel of the unit is great, the display is absolutely perfect. Regarding shutdown as in done with flying and want to do something else on my computer, I do the following: (1) exit the sim, (2) unplug the unit, (3) close out the Cockpit-Simulator software. In my head, this is a good way to do it for now until they may come out with a way to power down the unit (even while the computer remains on doing other tasks). If you close out the software first, then the CDU starts searching for the software and feels disconcerting to pull the USB out while it is searching like that. Probably no harm either way. To wrap it up, buy this unit. It's excellent. I think it's worth the price and I would buy again from the company tomorrow if I had a need for an additional unit. It is great in that it is just one USB connection and NO extra video card connection or anything else. This keeps your options open for your other hardware peripherals. I really look forward to their next products! Hoping for an Airbus series and I'm partial to the regionals like the CRJ and E-Jet series. Thanks for an amazing product!
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