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  1. There's one more biggie. When doing a Direct To, a phantom waypoint appears. I looked like a n00b in front of EKCH controllers today.
  2. Thanks. Will do so when the next bug fix update comes out!
  3. So when you press SPEED and e.g. set the thrust to CLB, the CRJ will maintain the set speed (e.g. 250 KTS) by pitching the nose up or down. This isn't an autothrottle but it works that way, because the CRJ will hold the speed until it stops climbing. SPEED can also be used for descent - same principle. The problem is, SPEED doesn't always work as explained above.
  4. Yes. So what I did last night, is fly into EDDB from EPKK, and I think everything loaded in correctly. Will try to verify today. I had a similar problem with BIKF where half the airport didn’t load, though reloading into it again solved the issue. Not sure what’s going on, but I read somewhere about someone suggesting I delete my content.xml file which should reindex the community folder. Anyone know if this is a good idea?
  5. This is the stock Asobo airport in the pics, not the payware one from Aerosoft/LimeSim.
  6. Launched MSFS. Deleted EDDB (LimeSim). Relaunched MSFS. Loaded into EDDB without the payware airport installed. View: Installed EDDB (LimeSim). Restarted MSFS. View:
  7. There was a Bristol EGGD update from Orbx yesterday. Flying there now.
  8. So I just loaded into EDDB at stand 9 and was quite surprised by all the construction work... Purchased in MSFS Marketplace. Uninstalled, restarted, installed, restarted, did not help.
  9. So I installed Aerosoft One in preparation of future purchases and CRJ updates, and it says my CRJ is not installed. It was installed from the standalone installer (v1.0.6.0 in this case). Do I need to uninstall to get it to work with Aerosoft One and then install again or is there an easier fix?
  10. PFD showed them in green, correctly. Not blinking. Aircraft was a good 50 metres to the right of the runway at 1500-2000 ft. Approach speed was +10 KTS above Vref.
  11. I was flying the ILS 27 approach to Bristol by Pilot Plus yesterday. I was vectored direct to CI27 early, for a long final, by ATC (VATSIM). The CRJ correctly captured the LOC and GS but at around 5 DME, it suddenly lost the GS and LOC and just fell out of the sky. Barely managed to save it but turned off AP, TOGA, and got it under control. Any ideas what happened?
  12. I recently started having an issue (since where setting SPEED would not work. At lower altitudes, the pitch would be around +2.5 and the CRJ would accelerate past the set speed, e.g. 250 KTS while following a SID. At higher altitudes, the nose will stay level and the CRJ will just ignore it completely. I have not found a way to reproduce this. Happens on 33% of my flights. Also, if it doesn’t work on a particular flight, it won’t work until reloading the game. I also had a situation yesterday, where I wanted to descend at 250 KTS and the AP ignored the speed, did not slow down from 290 KTS, and descended at 300+ KTS doing -8500 fpm. Maybe this is connected.
  13. I'll try to find some free time and do a full write-up of my config. Should I do a separate post or add it to yours?
  14. As you can see from the list on the left, I also added button assignments for BAT (Battery Master On), ALT (Ground Power), AVIONICS BUS 1 (Hydraulics 3A), AVIONICS BUS 2 (Hydralics 1 + 2 + 3B) and loads more stuff.
  15. I managed to add the lights to my Alpha controls. BCN is the beacon, LAND turns on the left and right landing lights. TAXI turns on NOSE + taxi lights (because just the taxi lights are too dark at night). NAV turns on the nav lights and STROBE turns on the strobes. Beacon: Landing: Taxi: Nav + Logo: Strobe:
  16. I tried to replicate the exact circumstances of the previous flight, where it froze. This time there were no problems.
  17. Apple translate says: I have found a way to skip the (0) waypoints. Choose the next waypoint and overwrite the (0) on the LEGS page. The problem with this is what the CRJ will then fly to the waypoint after the selected one, but at least no (0).
  18. Do you have any scripts assigned to the button assignments? And do the scripts actually have actions in them that do something?
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