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  1. Please disregard. VR controllers are not working with twisting knobs in other aircrafts like FBW. Not an Aerosoft/CRJ issue. We'll have to wait a bit longer to have a real support for VR controllers. I guess that was an Alpha release from Asobo,
  2. Ok, I think I figured the 2nd screen (2nd picture) and why the time looks odd. I assume that "ETD" stands for Estimated Time of Departure in minutes from current time! Not sure if it supposed to be this way but if I enter 00:10, this means 10min from current time, and it will show the correct value. STILL, there is a bug that ETA is not rolling back to 00:00 after 23:59 ... it will keep going up and hence the strange value in ETA.
  3. Got it. Going to try another flight now and see how it goes. What is weird is - I was able to steer normally before take off and I didn't change anything during flight. Once I landed, I could not steer. Whatever assisted settings were the same...
  4. I did not and will check but if there was any settings changes, wouldn't it affect also taxing out (to the runway before take off)? It worked well before take off but could not steer it after landing... BTW, I do have "Piloting" set to HARD so, not sure what the Assisted Yoke was set to (I'm away from the sim right now) but I would assume it should be OK?
  5. Just landed and I can't steer the aircraft off the runway. The N/W steer is on and the nose steering wheel is moving left and right when looking from the outside, but the plane is proceeding straight. Steering was OK before take off and the landing was relatively smooth... Is that a potentially SU7 issue or the latest CRJ550/700 update?
  6. Hi, I'm looking for some help from you professional pilots out there. In the FMS I am trying to set things right to get an accurate ETA and range calculations. However, I either get erroneous readings or none at all. Please look at the below two screens. What am I missing to get the correct reading? First screen shows no values for time/rage to Reserve fuel amount Second screen shows ETA with an erroneous reading (The hour shows 42:33 ??) It is the same as the previous version and since it behaves in the same way, I assume its not a bug but something I'm entering wrong (or not entering) during the FMS setup...
  7. Hi, just downloaded SU7 and all other updates (including the latest CRJ550) and found that controllers support is an issue. First, in order to use controllers, I have to be on "Lock" mode and not "Legacy". Switches are working but knobs twisting and multi-position buttons are not turning. I'm using Oculus Quest 2. Any idea if there are any workarounds and when a support for VR controllers will be avail? VR is what holding me now from moving from XP11 to really enjoy MSFS in a fully immersive environment... Thanks, Gil.
  8. Completely agree. An amazing aircraft so far and yes, I assume more fixes will come as we move forward. Besides, the airplane keeps us pilots at the tip of our toes during those regional hops and I find it exciting. I am mixing wide-body, mostly automated flights with CRJ flights and its fun!
  9. Hi, I tried your method and it worked. The only issue is that it took the A/P NAV off for some reason, I had to re-engage it...
  10. Thank you @KuntaKinte ! Will try it in next flight.
  11. Got it. Not trying to beat this dead horse and I will accept whatever implementation it is (the CRJ is an awesome plane as it is and I love it regardless). IRL, will the CRJ's FMS inject *ALL* the STAR points from the beginning of the STAR's transition after your current position/waypoint just because you have changed a runway? I would be surprised if it did but if it does in real life.. OK.
  12. Is there a way to see the DME to a NAV1/NAV2 when I set the respective "bearing" in the PFD? (meaning: Staying with NAV source of FMS1 so I can use NAV per my plan but seeing the distance to NAV1 when I select it as bearing) If it's not possible in the CRJ, what usually IRL pilots do to get that distance? Thanks.
  13. That's my point. I was below FL100 on the last few waypoints on my STAR, I have changed from 25L to 25R in KLAX per ATC request and my STAR got updated as if I approaching its initial waypoint. Airplane started to turn back. Yes I corrected it but workload exists in that phase and I had to scroll down the CDU to find and select the direct to...
  14. All that is fine but flying on other aircrafts (the B738, Zibo, I think also the A350), while the pilot SHOULD take control on NAV while making changes, the CDU through the FMS on other planes did not add waypoints already passed and in the opposite direction. There is probably a logic for that in the actual airplane to avoid that. Would be good to hear from an actual, IRL CRJ pilot... is changing runway (not changing a STAR) re-injecting the whole STAR plus the new runway procedure with every change? I'd be surprised if it does.
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