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  1. Is there a list of LVARs for the EFB? Have they been published as I am looking for a way to trigger the GPU connect in the EFB using my Stream Deck via Spad.Next? Many thanks
  2. Many thanks for info, your a star! Kind regards John
  3. Unfortunately my account won't allow me to send private messages at the moment as I haven't 3 items content count? Is there any way around that?
  4. I am currently trying to configure a Stream Deck XL and my Honeycomb Alpha & Bravo controllers to support the Aerosoft CRJs using Spad.Next and would like to get hold of a list of used LVARs and their function within the aircraft. I have found some of the LVARs by experimentation but I am having trouble with the first panel I am trying to recreate with the SD, in that I have worked out the fuel pump controls and have managed to get the SD buttons to work and reflect the status changes from On to InOp but I seem to be stumped with the 3rd change of dark button which seems to happen when either the master battery is turned off (obviously) and when the respective engine is running?? Is there a definitive list of LVARs available and can someone advise which LVAR I should use as a condition test for the button dark mode (which will obviously be used for most buttons on OVHD panel) as the engine running LVAR check seems to be unreliable when it comes to Spad.Next and the SD conditions. Many thanks in advance
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