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  1. Hi, Winfried! I have a question for you, well sort off two parts. The first would be: where do you see Aerosoft in 5-7 years? What will have changed? Maybe a new kind of direction for the company, different structure of management? The second would be: is Aerosoft there where you thought it will be 5-7 years ago? What has failed and what succeeded overwhelmingly? It's interesting stuff for me! Regards, Kaspars
  2. Hi Eric! As Kyle pointed out it should work very well. It's not a stupid question if your concerned about something that is connected to a product. Enjoy Madrid!
  3. Seems that you have no apron lights whatsoever. Have you by any chance deleted some textures - halo.bmp?
  4. If I buy the FSX version when it's out, will I also receive the FS2004 version afterwards?
  5. Been there in real life, for me it was a bit over the average airport, but still cool to see it make a remake. And I like that in the Airbus factory there is sort of a stand where it shows how much each bolt costs, and they are quite expensive (saying it softly), and after the question, why are they there with the prices? The answer was simple, so the workers see what are they carrying and dealing with!
  6. Heh, nice one Rafal, I've been to Heraklion, and then on the whole island of Crete, it's a nice destination, as I see you are a spotter it's even better with all the holiday traffic there, it's definately a good place to visit.
  7. Yes you can, if you use the codes that you have purchased from Aerosoft.
  8. This makes me think about holidays, pretty sure after the release the real airlines are going to have rise in sales too
  9. Well as from what I've read, you've already been introduced to the parts of the new AES (2.21 at this moment), and new updates are going to follow as showed in the preview, and you've also seen that he has fixed the bugs and added few things over the betas (2.20a, b, c, d), I personally like this way better because I can enjoy the cool stuff now and the rest is going to be added later.
  10. This looks amazing, the fact that's free for the current users is even more unbelievable, keep up the work, it's great!
  11. kaspis29

    1070 Hpa

    We had (and still have) very high pressure here in Latvia, Monday it climbed to QNH1053, the funny thing is that the Fokker50's which are operated by airBaltic (about 9) is limited to QNH1051 (As I was told)
  12. I'm not sure if this is right, because I read this in a news site years ago. But by that information by UK law you are not allowed to have like movies on an iPhone even if they are transfered legally and they are subjects of checks.
  13. Yes, obviously the (dark) sites will cover this object and bla, bla, bla (don't care, because they are already bad). But the sites like Google, Wikipedia are against this and if they don't fight-they are gone and more and more people will create things that are mind blowing so that no one can track them, because that's what they found in internet. Please do stop piracy, not the internet, don't censore the things that are needed to know, there are articles on a Latvian site (because I'm Latvian) that do tell about the really, really dark side of internet, that is the thing that worries me, if people don't get freedom they try to break to one, well enough of me talking rubish, I hope that this does not pass (at least in a form it's now) and that there will be more sensible ways to stop they pirates than banning the internet.
  14. Please do search around forums before posting, the current version does not allow these changes but in the NG something similar will be available.
  15. For me SOPA has nothing to do with stoping piracy (sorry true believers), it's more of a thing to censore and control the internet, if it does what it does it would destroy internet as a unit, if you get charged for covering a song on youtube, making a seamless quote (or including a picture e.g. from airliners.net) in an article it makes no sense what so ever to have internet, less invading the internet, more actual work please!
  16. Geez, look at the screens, it's obviously close, I see why you do check 3 times a day though
  17. No, currently any modifications are not legal due to the files being copyrighted but when AES NG comes it will be legal and available.
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