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  1. Alright, Got that figured out. Thank you all for your help. Did a full flight with no issues. However, now, whenever I engage auto pilot it waves up and down. So I will be climbing then it will pull all the way back and push forward causing 2-3Gs. Even when at cruising altitude it will do this. Auto pilot keeps overstressing the plane and "crashing it". I have vertical speed set to about 3.5 and it will go at 3.5 but about every 10 seconds it will pull back really hard and go to about 15 then push down to -10 in an instant. Its damn near instant. I couldn't even do it on my joy stick if I tried. Literally in less then a second goes from 15 VS to -10VS and I drop about 500 feet before it corrects again. I've tried putting YAW Damper on with no effect. Set it up exact same way I did my previous flight 2+ hours no issues. https://i.gyazo.com/03c47a0d8bc0597121f42e01615dc19b.mp4 https://i.gyazo.com/a1623736811325e7e90a0dbc6bb4812a.mp4 Here is a little taste of the issue,
  2. Hello, I have just started using simbrief and have been watching some videos on how to use the CRJ. So far its been pretty good and I am enjoying the plane. However, I keep running into this issue where I import the flight plan into the CRJ and it loads it properly. However, it skips the first 3 points and just goes directly to DIRECT to FAM. In OnAir it loads properly. But in the CRJ, skips the first 3 and goes to FAM (just outside the screenshot). Anyone know how to fix it?
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