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    As real CRJ 1000 pilot I'm astonished to see what Hans Hartmann was able to develop for pc simulation and I am aware that's not easy. Here some things to fix -small HDG changes generating to much bank -small Track changes generating to much bank -some SID wrong turns ; for example: LFSB RWY15 ELBEB 7S; first turn should be right and not left. -ILS intercepts at FAF altitude; when GS becomes active AP leaves altitude and climbs to catch GS thus making huge pitch and speed changes ; for the AP impossible to handle. -ILS intercept in (LNAV) mode; HSI deviation bar should change color from white to green like FMA does. -LNAV/VNAV mode when reaching TOP should NOT initiate descent unless lower altitude selected. -FMS function "DIR INTC" to "RWY" "INT CRS" generates wrong Runway inbound track. -FMS VNAV functions not implemented (VNAV speed) VNAV approaches very unstable or impossible. -When MDA set; no altitude and "minimum" call outs (only if DA set) The CRJ 1000 has some changes in the cockpit like: -there is NO gear emergency handle installed but a small protected pushbutton below the gear handle.
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