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  1. Which aircraft is this happening with? I get this in the ZIBO 737 and cannot get the light to turn off. It seems to me that this otherwise excellent Bravo quadrant has been/is let down by its inability to handle the diverse command instructions out there, X-Plane being one of them.
  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one that finds the copy of the default only contains the selector settings and no LED bindings. I got around it by making a copy of the default found in the plugin folder, renaming it and loading it into the configurator. I'm having huge problems with the ZIBO 737 and I can only think that he has used numerous custom instructions. For example, on pressing the IAS (with no autopilot or autothrust engaged, the thrust levers are coming forward to Max: I cannot get any of the autopilot function lights on the MCP to work properlyvia the LEDs and the ALT LED seems to be permanently 'on'. The Bravo quadrant is a great bit of kit but the programmers need to get together to make it more adaptable to the myriad of aircraft and third-party providers that are doing their own thing with commands and datrefs.
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