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  1. Since the mandatory update I cannot use Bravo AP function correctly. For example I cannot use the VS selector button to set my vertical climb speed - won't react. I verified button 20 is set in the profile. I also notice that the AFC Bridge is missing from my community folder. I tried reinstalling the Honeycomb support software but the install fails because it cannot find a .cfg folder. I use AP a lot and I cannot use it. Please help me.
  2. Thank you for your reply. I am able to use the Bravo (AP) right out of the box with MSFS and works just fine with MSFS. I basically use just one profile configured for GA as I only use MSFS for sightseeing as the scenery and points of interest are really superior to that of XP-11. I use XP for other purposes and with a variety of aircraft. I have more than one profile that I choose according to the aircraft I am flying. I have setup the rudder pedals and the Alpha the same for all. What I would like to have for someone to send me a profile with the AP assignments already. I would then bring up that profile and set up the throttle levers and anything else I wish and I should be able to use XP when I wish to fly some of the aircraft no available in MSFS. I have tried to use the configurator but even with my 35 years experience in IT, and being a retired vet in my mid eighties, somewhat handicapped, just can;t get it done. Is there someone who could do that for me. Regards, Otrman AKA Henry
  3. I have just tried to update the AP switches on the Bravo using the configurator 2.1. I did take I believe is your tutorial. When I try to transfer my newly created profile it is placed in my X-plane folder, E. The profile apparently is not being sent to where my other xp-11 profiles are stored thus I cannot select my newly created profile when I go to settings in xp-11. I cannot find where my other profiles are stored. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Otrman AKA Henry
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