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  1. Okay, it worked. Thanks for taking a Huge Brick off of my Heart. Regards, Switched.
  2. The Thing is that as provided in the Upper Info, all it does, is switching to a Blank Web-Page and return instantly without doing nothing at all.. Pictures:
  3. Good day, I have just encountered a Huge Frustration-Wall infront of me. I have Installed OMSI-2 Hamburg Tag & Nacht on my Old Machine, which i've replaced with a New Machine just a few days ago. I had the Add-On installed on the Old one, as said. Today, i tried to Download the Add-On again, yet it didn't work. Here's the issue: -First when loading onto the Page all is fine -But, when clicking on any Version/Button all it does is loading a Blank Site (about:blank) -After this, nothing happens. Ple
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