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  1. Thank you for that Les. I did test that and it worked well. So what I'm gathering here is that just using in the autopilot coupled VNAV mode with APPR armed won't capture the glideslope. Instead I need to be either in ALT mode or VS mode.
  2. Alright so using VS mode does work fine with capturing the glideslope. I realise not many of the real aircraft have coupled VNAV. If APPR mode is not meant to work with VNAV in real life then ok, consider this topic closed.
  3. So, I decided to redownload it again, but this time I watched the marketplace installer and noticed that around the 2GB mark, it jumps back to 1.7GB and keeps doing it a few more times. Eventually the download completes. However, I notice afterwards that whereas the download according to the installer is 2.83GB, the total size ends up being 1.67GB. Might this have something to do with it? Is there an issue with the marketplace downloader not updating correctly?
  4. I was managing my throttle just fine, was around 185kts. I had coupled VNAV mode on. It worked fine before the recent patches. Also just to say in case it might be related, when I updated it via the marketplace, the update kept redownloading for some reason, so I ended up uninstalling it completely and reinstalling it. I reinstalled it again just before making these tests today.
  5. I've been having trouble with the CRJ autopilot not following the glideslope with APPR mode on. I have tried it at RJBB RWY 24L and ENGM RWY 01L. Below is a video of it at ENGM. I thought the recent update fixed such issues but I am still having it. Before these tests I redownloaded it on the marketplace. At ENGM: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yv86YjzxRUpmRdKJamw21_Muwr21-W-j/view?usp=sharing Is there something that I might be doing wrong? I'm using coupled VNAV, have the ILS frequency dialed in and APPR mode armed.
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