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  1. The point being if I buy the add on direct I am a customer of both for one sim model and how do they resolve that unless they work together?
  2. I don’t know if you meant “fast” but that is one thing it certainly isn’t doing. on the the other hand if you meant “going too far” the reason this post has so much interest is because we believe you haven’t gone far enough. And your attempt to misrepresent and misinterpret my request still leaves the question unanswered - Why not let us have an old version?
  3. So you are making it clear that as far as Aerosoft are concerned we are not your customer. so what if we buy the CRJ add on direct. What happens then? can’t you see what a mess your position is creating?
  4. we we have done but Microsoft refused our requests. Perhaps Aerosoft would be prepared to refund their share of the sale?
  5. Sie denken, dass das Problem in der auf dem Microsoft Marketplace hinzugefügten Verschlüsselung liegt und Asobo daran arbeitet, wird uns gesagt. Aber ich stimme zu, es ist eine Menge Geld, um etwas zu bezahlen, das nicht funktioniert, aber vielleicht bald. Löschen Sie Ihren aerosoft-crj-Ordner und die Sim sollte wieder funktionieren. Probably get told off that this is the "English" forum.
  6. Totally agree with everything you say here, MS refused my refund request for the same reason and a prior CRJ version is within the gift of Aerosoft, so something could be done.
  7. I agree, many people probably haven't had the problem yet if they didn't select the CRJ. I completely agree this is a nightmare and what about the CRJ addons when they are released, what happens if I buy the addon direct from Aerosoft but got the Main CRJ from the marketplace?
  8. No I don't, those are Aerosoft's figures,
  9. I don't think that is what I said at all, and your reply is not what I would call taking a sympathetic approach. We all know this is for a very limited number of customers, 19 according to you. I am not asking you to take over the sales, I am not asking you to lose money, I am not asking you to break German privacy laws, I am not asking you to take over all future updates, I am not asking you to replace the file I have installed because I do not have a file installed because if I did the simulator would crash every time I tried to use it. We already paid for a product that we cannot use, presumably Aerosoft got some financial benefit from that purchase. Haven't you therefore got some obligation to us as indirect customers and whatever your fight is with Microsoft, you shouldn't take it out on us the little guys in the middle and there wasn't really any need to distort the simple suggestion that I put to you. Version 1.0.2 is a spent edition of the product cycle, long since paid for, with all of Aerosoft's expertise it would be a simple task to make a download available to the 19 of us, even make us sign a non-disclosure agreement, put an expiry date in the code, whatever is necessary to avoid compromising any contracts or laws, but you won't do that not because you can't but because you won't. You have the chance to fix this, to make the problem go away, to demonstrate what a great developer Aerosoft is and how it looks after its clients including indirect clients, instead this topic is becoming more and more public, all the major YouTube channels know about this issue, there are many, many posts on the Microsoft Forum and people are following Aerosoft's response. Aerosoft will be judged by its handling of this and its willingness to help. If what I were asking was impossible or costly, people would think the request unreasonable but if in their opinion it would be achieveable and for only 19 people and your choice is not to help, then how will Aerosoft look and how keen will people be to buy your next release. I know already what you will say you have said it enough already " I am sorry but that is just not going to happen", but I will leave you to have the last word.
  10. What I would like is for Aerosoft to take a more sympathetic approach to those of us who have this problem, you suggest no more than 19, and as a one-off, temporary measure let us have a working version, an old version 1.0.2, so that we can fly the CRJ until Asobo fix the problem, not leave us without for what could be two months. That will not cost you fortunes, it will not threaten and destabilise contractual agreements, and allows everyone the breathing space needed to sort this out. It frees Microsoft/Asobo to concentrate on their bigger fish, Xbox release etc. it stops us the "Marketplace" buyers troubling Aerosoft and it means that Aerosoft are the salvation to a problem that was not of their making. Would that not be good for everyone of us and good for Aerosoft? That is what I want you to do.
  11. That's what I thought, I do understand the difficulties Asobo and yourselves face, but equally it is easy to see why some people get very frustrated with messages like that and the lack of accurate information. We need to be careful to get released products right as the priority, before we go charging on with new things otherwise MSFS2020 will become a collection of nearly good products that never got properly finished.
  12. Just got this from Microsoft: "Hi Pete, Thanks for bringing this matter to our attention. This issue has been tracked in our internal bug tracker thanks to the information you provided. Our QA team will review the information and try to reproduce the issue. Bugs and issues that have been successfully reproduced will be categorized and prioritized—game-breaking bugs will receive the highest priority, while middle-of-the-road and cosmetic bugs are prioritized based on reproduction and the number of times reported. We'll come back to you if we need more information or if we have troubleshooting steps to recommend."
  13. Don't be disheartened, the more we all try the closer we get to solving this, and considering all possibilities lies at the heart of good diagnosis, even if on this occaision it is only Asobo that can undo what they have done.
  14. Has anyone heard any news on when this might be working again please. I have tried contacting Microsoft a number of times and don't get an answer. I do accept that this is outside of Aerosoft's control, but you have communication paths to Asobo and Microsoft that we do not. I am sorry if this is not the correct forum but there didn't seem to be one for it so I picked General Discussion - I will repost if you tell me where it shoud be. Thank you - there are a lot of us who just want to fly your CRJ please.
  15. Would it be possible to add the product xml file for the CRJ so that it Is possible to use the ASUpdater for the CRJ in MSFS2020, if you normally install from the marketplace within MSFS2020 where the original purchase was made?
  16. The main reason for me trying to use the marketplace, was so that the developers get a revenue stream that would help them fund future developments, like the World Updates. Whether that happens or not I don't really know but one thing is for sure updates through the marketplace just do not work and I appreciate the difficulties that the 3rd party developers face. What I really don't understand if this is a real flying simulation community why are people so reluctant to share vital information to others that are having a pretty torrid time, why insist that because 12 people have a problem nothing can be done about it, why refer people to the 3rd party developer when the problem lies with their in house software. This issue was made way harder than it ever needed to be, and please if you have information that others will find invaluable share it as soon as you are able to. I will follow your advice from now on I will buy direct and forget the marketplace unless that is the only outlet.
  17. For all those ( and its a lot more than 12) who have been having this problem, the main post we were all following has been removed. So I have to start this new thread to advise all those concerned that the following message has been received from Hans Hartmann Asobo has isolated the issue and is now working to fix it (it's not in the CRJ itself but in the code that loads the aircraft.) Hooray for Asobo!! Dear Aerosoft - You haven't covered yourself in glory with this one, poor communication, deleting posts, not providing updates or information, not responding to legitimate questions and trying to assert that because incorrectly you thought it was only 12 customers affected it didn't matter. Even the suggestions we put forward of where the problem was turned out to be right. This has caused a lot of unnecessary frustration.
  18. GREAT NEWS!!! I have just had this message from Hans Hartmann. Asobo has isolated the issue and is now working to fix it (it's not in the CRJ itself but in the code that loads the aircraft.) Lets hope the fix comes soon, thanks to everyone that has posted information and helped push this problem along.
  19. One difference I found is that the CRJ adds an .AIR file, CRJ550_AMM.air or CRJ700_AMM.air, if these files are renamed so that FS can't see them they don't appear as selectable aircraft and the sim is happy to fly on. When I put the name back and restarted, so renaming OLDCRJ550_AMM.air to just CRJ550_AMM.air the CRJ550 appeared but the CRJ700 didn't. I have reset all the settings on my graphics card as "Reliab" was showing an AMD file as crashing at the same time as the sim (could be unrelated) but just to eliminate it. I made sure all antivirus settings were off and in particular "Controlled Folder Access" which was alarming. I also ensured that the flightsimulator.exe entries in the firewall allow table were all on bothways. DID ANY OF THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE? Well yes a little bit. I reinstalled the CRJ and this time I selected the CRJ700 picked my airport and clicked "FLY" it began to load, I was surprised as I watched the progress bar get almost halfway........ Before it crashed to the desktop!!!!! Back to the drawing board!! I've attached the Reliab output as some people are able to make some sense of them.
  20. That's a real shame because as LesOreilly said in a previous post here, "All of the other planes you list are built using the "Javascript/HTML" method and run internally.... The CRJ is built different... " ; so I think if that is the case we could run into this problem again.
  21. So I removed the Aerosoft/Honeycomb software from the Windows Control Panel, then checked that the AFC_Bridge was removed from the community folder. Then checked for any Honeycomb related files even Xplane related and deleted them too. Then I made sure there were no updates. Then I restarted the PC and disconnected the Honeycomb Bravo USB. Then I loaded up MSFS2020 and checked that there was no Bravo controller listed. Then I went to the Marketplace and downloaded the CRJ. It showed in Content manager as installed and upto date. Then I selected the CRJ from the hangar, change aircraft, Go Back Crash!! The sim would not even create a flightplan with the CRJ as the selected aircraft. Could this mean that The Honeycomb Bravo is a red herring and not to blame and it is the latest version of the CRJ?
  22. I am not using FSUIPC, or any other controller addon. I'm working straight off of the MSFS2020 controller profiles.
  23. Thanks Les, its difficult to know exactly what is causing the problem now and every time you try something, uninstall & reinstall the sim is changed slightly. It definitely happened after the arrival of the Bravo, I put my first order in last August, and re-ordered with Aerosoft which is the one that turned up. I had flown the CRJ a number of times before the Bravo
  24. All working normally again without the CRJ including the lights on the Bravo.
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