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  1. One difference I found is that the CRJ adds an .AIR file, CRJ550_AMM.air or CRJ700_AMM.air, if these files are renamed so that FS can't see them they don't appear as selectable aircraft and the sim is happy to fly on. When I put the name back and restarted, so renaming OLDCRJ550_AMM.air to just CRJ550_AMM.air the CRJ550 appeared but the CRJ700 didn't. I have reset all the settings on my graphics card as "Reliab" was showing an AMD file as crashing at the same time as the sim (could be unrelated) but just to eliminate it. I made sure all antivirus settings were off
  2. That's a real shame because as LesOreilly said in a previous post here, "All of the other planes you list are built using the "Javascript/HTML" method and run internally.... The CRJ is built different... " ; so I think if that is the case we could run into this problem again.
  3. So I removed the Aerosoft/Honeycomb software from the Windows Control Panel, then checked that the AFC_Bridge was removed from the community folder. Then checked for any Honeycomb related files even Xplane related and deleted them too. Then I made sure there were no updates. Then I restarted the PC and disconnected the Honeycomb Bravo USB. Then I loaded up MSFS2020 and checked that there was no Bravo controller listed. Then I went to the Marketplace and downloaded the CRJ. It showed in Content manager as installed and upto date. Then I selected the CRJ from the h
  4. I am not using FSUIPC, or any other controller addon. I'm working straight off of the MSFS2020 controller profiles.
  5. Thanks Les, its difficult to know exactly what is causing the problem now and every time you try something, uninstall & reinstall the sim is changed slightly. It definitely happened after the arrival of the Bravo, I put my first order in last August, and re-ordered with Aerosoft which is the one that turned up. I had flown the CRJ a number of times before the Bravo
  6. All working normally again without the CRJ including the lights on the Bravo.
  7. SO I have cleared out the Honeycomb software including the AFC_Bridge. I've renamed the Content.XML file. I've disabled the anti-virus. I have reinstalled (from the marketplace) the Aerosoft CRJ - it showed as version 1.05. The sim will not load. Now I am wondering if it is the update of the CRJ that is the difference and not the introduction of the Honeycomb Bravo and the AFC_Bridge, but I can't get back to a previous version to test this. I am going to remove the Aerosoft-CRJ folder, reinstate the Honeycomb software, turn on the antivirus an
  8. There isn't an "aircraft".cfg but there are multiple CFG files, ai.cfg, cameras.cfg, cockpit.cfg, gameplay.cfg, model.cfg, panel.cfg
  9. Ok so I have just done a fresh install of the CRJ from the marketplace. I disabled the AntiVirus and the sim managed to load all the way through. I flew the C152 and all worked fine. I selected the CRJ and the airport (New territory) clicked the FLY button, it started to load then crashed to the desktop. I found the Content.xml file and renamed it and still with the AV off I tried to start again. Back to crashing before the load completes. I turned the AV back on, removed the CRJ folder and everything is back working again. I will try removing the AFC_Bridge. This m
  10. LesOReilly that is really useful info, and it explains why its just the CRJ. I will try it with the anti-virus turned off. Thanks
  11. Crabby, thanks for the suggestion I will definitely look into that but I may not have explained the issue properly. If the CRJ is installed the sim (Microsoft FS 2020) will not run, it doesn't complete the loading screens and gets to about 65% and bombs. So the benefits of any of your suggested controllers are not available to me, in fact I can't get to the options screen to even delete my existing profiles. The AFC_Bridge software from Honeycomb is installed and working. Simware - thank you for your post, I did have the lights working without using the configurator, I thought that
  12. I just removed the aerosoft-crj folder from the OneStorefolder inside packages and remarkably everything is working again. It loads up and flies just as normal, but with the folder present doesn't finish loading. Weird!! So Dear Aerosoft I think your CRJ is the problem
  13. I finally got a Honeycomb Bravo from Aerosoft. I set up a couple of Profiles and got the lights working. Then I tried to set up one for the CRJ. The the sim (MSFS2020) stopped loading and crashed after 4 minutes never finishing the loading. I followed lots of forum suggestions, in the end I had to reset the App which meant re-installing 150Gb. That done everything was back to normal, I still had my logbook, but I had lost all progress on the final bushtrip, the latest one. No real problem, I created a SEP profile and started flying, happily completing 3 legs without issue. I had also fl
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