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  1. Great, appreciate your help with all of this. Can't wait to get used to PFPX and use it regularly. Thank you :))
  2. Yeah I know that, which is why it only shows the step climbs after computing the flight with the given weights, winds, etc... But my questions is if it implements these step climbs in the routes it generates. So if I am under FL340 over Greece then I will be flying the airway however if I step climb to FL340 or above then I can make use of their FRA. So if I did, would PFPX change the route over Greece to amount for my new FL ?
  3. Actually I have one last question but it's a bit tricky. So let's say I am flying a longhaul in a 777 and as I am flying typically I would be able to step climb to a higher FL, which means that now I have completely different rules and restrictions to my flight. Some airways may get restricted and some may get cleared. One thing I noticed with PFPX is that it plans my route on FL350 or FL360 without any regard to me having a step climb and plan accordingly, any thoughts ? Kindly, Riad.
  4. Okay, I will keep an eye out on that. So just to confirm if the routing seems odd I should revert to ignoring the routes restrictions and check if it is still valid or not, and manually intervene to fix the minor issues with the route right ? Also, PFPX routes my flight over Tripoli airspace. Usually I would manually add HLLL to the airspace I want to avoid in the advanced planner but I noticed in your screenshot that PFPX has it restricted by default so I'm not sure why it's not the same here. Kindly, Riad.
  5. Hello Stephen, Thanks again for your response. Indeed I do have David's 2015 RAD installed yet that was the route I was given by PFPX, so how do I know which restrictions are not in David's pack so I would need to manually delete myself ? Also isn't the route restrictions that I would be ignoring would mean completely overlook the RAD I installed ? Also I need to note that in my version of PFPX, HLLL is not declared as a no-fly zone, no red box and PFPX still tries to route over it. Kindly, Riad
  6. Since it is my first day of using PFPX I guess this is a noob question, I did find many people posting about this same issue but each with a different variant. So I am trying to find a route from Tunis (DTTA) to Cairo (HECA) and the real routing is However with every run I try with PFPX I get this bizarre routing Now I fully understand that having a magic button that gets a good routing is non-existent so I need to manually intervene and fix few things myself which is fine. So what I did was insert AUTO DIDON AUTO SONAK AUTO KUMBI to try and force PFPX to build a route closer to the one flown irl and it was as follows. So my problem is why was PFPX unable to find a route that was close to the one flown irl on it's own or why was the route I made manually much better than any of the routes generated by PFPX. I had the find button set to min. dist and PFPX gave me a route with 8.0% deviation however the route I manually made myself (almost the exact same route flown IRL) had a 7.0% deviation. Any thoughts ? Kindly, Riad.
  7. Yeah exactly, he didn't mention what he did but I think what I did is fairly close
  8. I was finally able to fix it by going into my graphics card settings panel, create a profile for PFPX that points to the original PFPX.exe file and simply change the Display Scaling to Preserve aspect ratio and that was it, that did the trick. Thank you Stephen, looking forward to messing around with PFPX
  9. Yes, I installed it using the Navigraph FMS Manager while PFPX was closed. I am using the AMD Radeon 555 Pro as my Graphics card. I installed both packages as I have a 64-bit OS and rebooted my pc but nothing changed. I did submit a support ticket but they didn't respond so far.
  10. Hello Stephen, Thank you very much for your reply. I know, PFPX is far more complex and I love it and how much more complex my flight planning is -which matches how real world dispatchers do it to some extent- You see, the route should be like this However in the Route Database it is like this No lines for the airways, the route, the boundaries, etc... Is there any fix for it ? Thank you, Riad
  11. Hello, I just bought PFPX today from the great reviews I read about it, however on my first run today I noticed that the world map from the route database is completely different from what I have seen. Is there any chance I can fix this ? Also, regarding the routing and IFPS validation, from what I understand EUROCONTROL Killed the feature that made PFPX able to validate the route according to the current AIRAC so we paste the ATC flightplan to EUROCONTROL portal in free text. However, the routes are still not IFPS valid regardless. I have bought PFPX solely for the purpose of generating and preserving my own list of routes while maintaining them (ie. route database) and I was really excited that I bought it (especially with it's hefty price tag) so is there a change this gets fixed too ? Thank you everyone, Riad.
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