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  1. lol Andreas..thats 1 way to look at it Yes indeed Matt..maybe ''prioritise'' would be a better word.
  2. Happy new year everyone.!! New Years resolution...hmm...stop being so lazy could be a good start.. and maybe take life a bit more seriosly...
  3. Thanks again Matt, Ole, everyone who took part, and our sponsers too.It was a great challenge...not sure on RTWC II tho Matt...lol.. Well done Andreas, 1st overall - well deserved, all 3 digit averages.So..What's the name of taxiway delta going to be?
  4. Klicken Sie auf Ja und starten Sie das launcher.Then Sie die Landschaft BGL ermöglichen. Nur der Launcher wird es tun.
  5. Haben Sie aktivieren die Landschaft mit dem Launcher?
  6. Thanks Ian. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you, and family too.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/user/fjacobsen16
  8. ? Thats defualt autogen buildings.. ?
  9. Make sure AES is at the top of the scenery library.
  10. Caption: ''To start, set parking break''. ''Rotate small handle clockwise in rapid motion'' refrence post #14 pic 7
  11. Yes. If you have : Light bloom Aircraft shadows, on ground or on itself Lens flair Checked (on) in the settings, thses are heavy FPS hitters. Cloud draw distance (under the weather tab) hits fps to, mine is as low as it will go and the weather looks fine here To get Online, take a beowse throught the andras field forum http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php/forum/345-andras-field/ ...loads of info there. Hey no problem, Merry christmas to you too!
  12. Ground textures are back yes? Set Scenery density to dence.Should help FPS...and are you running the latest Version? (what version are you running?)
  13. Set autogen (middle right slider) to a min of ''normall'' and have a look.From the pic in your other post, it looks like you have it set to zero. What are other airports parking/ramp/textures like, defualt and add-on if you have any others?
  14. Just saw your other post...Autogen setting? Looks to low.
  15. Dewi What Version do you have installed? What are your scenery settings? Can you elaborate on that? Your system uninstalled it? Why?
  16. James has kindly offered to set a server up...his end...if aerosoft server is down. Capeesh?
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