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  1. Thanks Tom, I looked around and found my e-mail sign-in and a password that worked. I finally got to my account information. Dick
  2. I need some help with the Data Base. When I go to the data base and try to sign in it does not let me sigh in with my e-mail and password. I would like to redownload the Twin Otter Extended V1201. I have asked to reset password but nothing comes in e-mail to do that. Were can I go to get his issue resolved. Dick Holmes
  3. Thanks for the help. I did go into FSUIPC and checked calibration again. reset bata and other settings. Seems to work better now. Thanks Dick
  4. Tried the filter mode. I might have to clean the the throttles electronics. Thanks for all the help. Dick
  5. I am currently using FSX with FSUIPC4 version 4.974. I use Saitek double throttle quadrants for the Twin Otter. I have the throttle quadrant setup with the throttle on first two levers and reversers set to the second two levers with the third levers set to the condition levers. When flying at altitude the cockpit few shows the right throttle shuttering. I have re-calibrated the settings in FSUIPC with no luck. I was wondering if anyone who is a Twin Otter fan has any suggestions. Thanks Dick FSX Deluxe Edition SP1 and SP2, Win 7 Home Premium SP1, Intel Core i5 CPU 750 @ 2.67 GHz 2.66 GHz,10 GB RAM, 64-bit Operating System, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745 4MB Ram
  6. Thanks Mathijs. Got them Dick
  7. I see in the Forum the OV10 V2.5 is available. I an using FSX still and wonder what the last update is for FSX. The last version I have is V 111. If there is a newer version can you direct me to it's location. I did look in the Aerosoft page but can find the section were files can be downloaded. Thanks Dick
  8. Thanks MarkHurst. I went back last night and found some old posts in the forum and found that out. It was pretty warm temperatures last night when I was flying. I did notice when I got up to cruise alt temps were cooler and T5 backed off so I could readjust engine settings. Air speed does come up to 155 to 165 knts so I guess I will watch and fly accordingly. Thanks for the input. I am always learning thing every time I fly. The help you knowledgeable guys give on the forum is great. I thought it might just be FSX. I am looking at P3D or X plane but not sure my computer will run them. I am looking at new machines but to get recommended system it is more $ than I can pay now. I am trying to find middle of the road computer to do the job. I do like your home built cockpit for sure. I have watched a number of your videos. Dick
  9. I installed the new V121 the other day and while I took a couple test flights in the 300 Wheeled, the 300 Tundra and the 100 Wheeled. I am not sure if there has been a change to the flight dynamics but I had a couple issues I don't know if correct of not. After take-off in the tundra I set climb speed to about 98 knts. After I got to about 3500 feet altitude I set power per procedures. Aircraft climb at 500 FPM. As can bee seen by the attached photo my settings were as follows: prop RPM was at 90%, GG RPM was set at 75%. FF was at about 200 lbs. Anything over 25 torque press put me in the yellow. I didn't have problem with the 100 (only one flight). First flight on the 300 Wheeled was OK but second leg had the same problem as tonight. I guess Not sure to try and reinstall or delete and go back to V111. I also found this file Aircraft.xml file in the Flight Simulator x files with the flight plans. I am not sure that is supposed to be there. ( C:\users\Dick\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files\Aerosoft\AerosoftTwinOtterExtended/Aircraft.xml). The date modified was 5/29/2017. ( am sure it was not there when I had the V111 installed. Thanks Dick System: FSX Deluxe Edition SP1 and SP2, Win 7 Home Premium SP1, Intel Core i5 CPU 750 @ 2.67 GHz 2.66 GHz,10 GB RAM, 64-bit Operating System Aircraft.xml
  10. Thanks Mathijs, I downloaded it yesterday but need to get some information from the old one before I delete it. Dick
  11. I have the Twin Otter Extended V111 installed in FSX. Has been work pretty good other than there is no ability to do a cold dark start. I have noticed some throttle problems lately. I have throttles set with FSUIPC using 2 SAITEK throttle quadrants. My question is should I completely uninstall this version and go to my areosoft account and download the new V121 and install. I have been looking through the forum and can no really find if then new version is just for P3D or can be used in FSX. I this would not work should I re download V111 and install it to go back to original setting. I do fly the twin otter a lot and like the way it gets around. Thanks for you help. Dick System: FSX Deluxe Edition SP1 and SP2, Win 7 Home Premium SP1, Intel Core i5 CPU 750 @ 2.67 GHz 2.66 GHz,10 GB RAM, 64-bit Operating System
  12. thumbnail.thumb.jpg.937b86b5a0318658d76fI hope I am not bothering you to much with this but as you do a lot of painting I am sure you can answer my question. When the Twin Otter Extended came out I asked a gentleman about doing a paint. He did it for me and I fly this aircraft all over Montana.  My question is what would the process be to Make this paint a Tundra.  I may have answered my own question but want somebody that does a lot of paints to tell me.  I know it is not hard to change a passenger paint to a cargo but I m sure paints are different.  I am not a painter so not sure what the process is to change from a regular to a tundra. Thanks post-34354-0-57383000-1420947484.jpg

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