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  1. It is possible to place the 750 into the 530 frame and have it pop-up in the 750 frame once you have completed. I don't use the 530 but place the 750 in the frame. I have the panel config and other file if you are interested. Dick
  2. thumbnail.thumb.jpg.937b86b5a0318658d76fI hope I am not bothering you to much with this but as you do a lot of painting I am sure you can answer my question. When the Twin Otter Extended came out I asked a gentleman about doing a paint. He did it for me and I fly this aircraft all over Montana.  My question is what would the process be to Make this paint a Tundra.  I may have answered my own question but want somebody that does a lot of paints to tell me.  I know it is not hard to change a passenger paint to a cargo but I m sure paints are different.  I am not a painter so not sure what the process is to change from a regular to a tundra. Thanks post-34354-0-57383000-1420947484.jpg

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