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  1. So sounds kinda like 1 step forward 2 steps back on Asobo's part. Unfortunate, but hopefully things get working soon. Thanks for your work
  2. It's unfortunate, because the CRJ was broken for the entirity of the beta. Then asobo posted a patch for a "WASM gauges" fix and I got excited. But it did not fix the CRJ Hopefully MS is able to get things working quickly!
  3. I can't find this temporary "fix" where is this posted?
  4. Hey there, I am part of the Performance Beta through the Xbox Insider Hub and was wondering if Aerosoft is in need of beta testers for an update with this beta test? I would love to help hammer out any bugs so the CRJ is good to go when it launches to the public. Cheers
  5. Skylar Hutter


    Aerosoft uses something else for TCAS than the MSFS base stuff that was opened up in the last major update. Aerosoft's shows targets not moving on the ground, which is less than ideal, but they def beat Asobo to the punch on TCAS at least.
  6. It randomly showed up in the updater for me now, didn't even load MSFS and load in once, it just opted to start working for me suddenly.
  7. Also having this exact same issue, won't detect so cannot update
  8. https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/164135-103-flight-director-not-correct
  9. At least for myself, single cue was also off by a decent amount.
  10. Can confirm I have this same issue. CONT ignition also appears to have this problem
  11. Here's a good comparison shot. The PFD with correct data is via simmconnect, so it's def a visual issue with the PFD:
  12. How has this not even been replied to by devs? They are replying to other threads and just ignoring this one. It's kinda a really big issue....
  13. You don't see that pink horizontal line that is well below where it should be? Because you're having the exact same problem.
  14. It absolutely flies properly, so it just seems to be displaying off I would agree. What are you using for the extgernal FIPs if you don't mind me asking?
  15. I have the same issue. This is present on the FD in Single or Dual cue, as well as in the HUD -- not that I can ever seem to see the circle anyways?
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