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  1. Hey guys, at around what angle (PFD Angle) does CRJ700 hit tail? I stop rotation at 10 but it is veery slow to take off, can i go further?
  2. Hey guys. When flying into most German airports (Maybe other countries too) FMC seems to skip way points that are in the straight line. For example as shown in chart below, the CRJ enters DM421 -> DM429 -> DM439 -> DM437. It's skipping all the waypoints in between and that is frustrating when flying on VATSIM. Is there a solution for following?
  3. He said in other forum that it will released tomorrow. But I get you. I think I love this CRJ more then any other addon outhere P3d/MSFS and some bugs just get in a way With this fixes should be almost there tho
  4. Exactly, or at least say plane follow G/S after update (Something to look forward to)
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