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  1. Posts - MSFSCommunityTeam - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums The error is due to the online services of Asobo/MS, and have nothing to do with the CRJ. A lot of players have this problem. Like me too, so we have to wait and see what happens now
  2. I can understand the customers, for the customers it looks like Aerosoft just put the Twin Otter aside. But I can assure you that this is not the case. The topic with the sounds was discussed internally again only recently. Unfortunately Aerosoft is also waiting for the better sounds, and they are trying everything possible to get better sounds. Unfortunately, Aerosoft can only use what they have. I as a customer am still happy to be able to fly the Twin Otter. Except for the current sounds it is a great machine, and really fun to fly. And let's be honest, price performance is really good at Aerosoft. On the subject of airports, they are always great class. Greetings Sven
  3. fsuipc7 Should also cause this stuttering with autosave. I would still try to turn this off
  4. I cannot confirm this. Everything is smooth and on average 45-50 FPS in the CRJ. With me, a few months ago a defective livery had triggered stuttering. I would suggest that they remove all add-on's and put it back piece by piece. If that doesn't bring improvement, then see if all drivers are up-to-date.
  5. Hello, I need some information. I need your route (routing) And with which CRJ did you fly? If it happens to me too, then I can forward it directly. And one more question, did you use the ingame ATC or an external tool? Greetings Sven
  6. I have just looked at everything at my leisure. There is no tree on the runway. Once again, SimWings has done a great job.
  7. I know that he will not be free It was only about the sentence that there is nothing free from you
  8. But there is one Aerosoft product that is free. And that is Paderborn/Lippstadt. You can get it at Aerosoft One and in the MSFS Store.
  9. I'm already looking forward to the plane. Thanks Mathjis for the insight
  10. The new Aerosoft Airport Land's End and the Twin Otter. if it is wrong here @Mathijs Kok then please delete it
  11. That sounds very good. Thanks Mathijs for the info
  12. I cannot confirm this right now. All lights are ok. Here is the CRJX with LDG Light on
  13. I even believe that the CRJ in the marketplace is Only the number is not correct. But I think there can @Mathijs Kok say more
  14. Wie sind deine Grafiksettings? Bei mir kommt es vor, wenn ich meine Grafik komplett runtergestellt habe. Oder wenn meine Internetverbindung für den Onlinedienst zu schwach sind. Ein Paar mehr Informationen wären klasse 😃
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