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  1. That's why I don't use external paints anymore. But only what you have with the CRJ standard.
  2. Have you tried removing all other MOD's? So really everything, whether skins or Airport's. With me was longer time for a reason for a CTD a livery the reason
  3. The CRJ 550/700 & 900/1000 Do what they are supposed to do. We just flew with the models again today. Everything was ok. EDDM/ EDDH/ LOWI (LOC) EGLC all no problem. Maybe you should watch the videos again 😃
  4. I cannot confirm this with the AP. With me, as usual, everything is ok. I fly at the moment only CRJ and DC-6. Best just times all MOD's out. The are lately with me again and again problem causer. Especially the not SU6 compatible are
  5. I am glad. And especially because you still have to control a lot yourself, it's great. I can hardly wait. And I love the direct response of the CRJ700.
  6. Thank you for the information. I can hardly wait to buy the 900/1000. The list will be there then with the associated update?
  7. We all have the same hobby, so I don't understand the need to approach each other here. Yes, of course I'm also waiting like a little kid for the CRJ 1000, but Aerosoft is the one with the longer leverage here. So it is still have patience. For a good product you just have to wait 😃
  8. I would also like to say something about this. 1. I can understand why they withhold their information. There are just too many people who put every word on the gold scale and complain when Aerosoft can not keep an update due to a bug. Hate and discussions are pre-programmed. So a company does not make a statement or deadline that they can not keep 100%. 2. why should people who buy on the marketplace be disadvantaged? that would they with your statement then. People like me buy a lot of products in the marketplace so I have everything in one place. 3. problem what I see, that the MSFS 2020 always evolves and the providers FENIX, Aerosoft, PMDG and Co, it already not easy to adapt everything. They take away employees from project A and put them to B, at B now important employees are missing why project A now comes to a halt. I love the CRJ and wait like a little child for the 900/1000, but have to practice patience. Play Star Citizen There you need it ^^ And please don't take it as an attack. But as entertainment. And sorry my English is mähh Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  9. Ich freue mich jetzt sehr über diese Nachricht. Vielen Dank für die tollen Neuigkeiten
  10. Will we get the FIX when it is out also fast for the buyers in the MS Store ?
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